Sephora VIB Haul!

If there's anything that causes haters to point fingers at blogs as narcissistic and materialistic, then it's probably haul posts. But who the hell cares, because this is my narcissistic space and although I don't normally do haul posts, for this special time of year I will do an exception.

You know what time of year I'm talking about.

VIB sale time at Sephora.

For weeks the blogosphere had been buzzing with people sharing their picks, lusts, and strategies for purchasing.Yes, it's only for a 20% discoutn, but it's 20% discount off EVERYTHING and along with everyone else this pretty much expressed my state of mind:

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Finally last week, the event happened. A chunk of change and a week later, the results of my materialism arrived and I'm #sorrynotsorry but it felt extremely satisfying. After a long, irritating workday, what gives a better pickup than new goodies??

caudalie grape water and detox mask

I've been wanting to try Caudalie forever and especially their famous grape water. The Grape Water misting spray is supposed to be incredibly hydrating and can be used as a hydrating toner and primer/setting spray for makeup!

As well, the Instant Detox mask just sounded so cool I had to get it. I've been all about masking these days, especially when they promise to deep clean my pores, illuminate my skin and repair environmental damage, so this was a no-brainer to purchase too.

clinique mini mask sample pack

Continuing with the mask theme, I somehow found myself adding this Clinique mini mask set to my cart. In my defense it was only $10! And you can never skimp out on your face, especially as you get older. I've only tried Moisture Surge before and LOVE it, so this was a great way to try out the other Clinique masks without committing to a full size just yet. Plus did I mention it was $10?! I think my mask supply is officially at maximum saturation!

sephora urban decay 500 point reward

sephora 500 point reward from urban decay

Now onto the freebies! As I had saved over 1000 Sephora points, I figured I might as well spend a little on some freebies so I added in this mini palette from Urban Decay. The Urban Decay Urban Vices contains four gorgeous plum-toned shades and a creamy brown eyeliner. I've carefully thumbed these with a finger and like all UD shadows, they feel sooo good.

sephora free samples

I then spent another point redemption on this Tarte sunscreen and then threw in some free samples. It seems the theme for my VIB haul this year is all about skincare, but it's really because I wanted to stay away from purchasing more makeup as I normally purchase way more makeup than I use up in a given year.

The exception to this of course, and the item that I wanted to leave to last to share, is this:

tarte tartelette palette

tarte tartelette palette

I know I know, ANOTHER palette and a NUDE PALETTE at that! I have a sickness I think, but just look at this beauty!

tarte tartelette eye shadow palette

12 full shades of gorgeous plum/mauve/pink/cream gorgeousness and all of them are mattes! You cannot believe how hard it is to find this many mattes all together and secondly to have them be actually good! I've been eyeing the Tarte Tartelette palette for awhile now and after swatching the holiday set in store and finding it lacking, I opted to go for this classic.

All in all, I'd judge this a profitable haul, especially withe the freebies I scored on top of my order. As always, shopping at Sephora was a breeze as it's super easy to find what you need and there's tons of reviews on every product to help you decide whether something is worth it.

Now I want to know - what did you get, if anything, from the VIB sale? 

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