Unboxing: My JORD Wood Watch | Timeless elegance paired with natural materials

cora jord watch
Jord Cora Maple & Silver Watch, $275

If you were born at a certain time then you may still remember when everyone had a watch. Before cell phones, the only way to tell time when out and about was either with a watch, the sun, or the kindness of strangers. Now though, most people use their phones and few still follow the practice of wearing a watch. One would think then, that watches would eventually just cease to exist, but fortunately for watches, although they are no longer necessary everyday items, they still retain a place in our lives as valued keepsakes that speak to their wearers' style, mark special occasions or act as heirlooms.

What is it about watches that give it this mystique, this air of prestige? Perhaps it is the level of craftsmanship that is required that makes it seem so magical. After all, few can decipher its intricate mysteries. When you hold a well crafted watch it feels more like a piece of mechanical art and takes us back to our childhood attraction to all things whirring and clicking and levering away. This is why things like steam-punk are so popular - we all love a good set of gears!

jord watch in maple and silver
Jord Cora Maple & Silver Watch, $275

Recently I was offered the chance to obtain a piece of watch craftsmanship when I was approached by JORD Watches. You may have seen this brand featured on many a blogger (I highly recommend reading Jayne's detailed review) and it's easy to see why. Unlike any other watchmaker I've seen, JORD Watches manages to perfectly marry nature and mechanics into one harmonious product. Made out of raw natural woods and sapphire crystal plating, JORD Watches standout from the crowd of cold metallic and ceramic watches that have dominated the fashion landscape in recent years.

Although I was a huge fan of the Michael Kors watches when they were all the rage, and still am, I was immediately drawn to the organic feel of the JORDwatches. Lately, I've been feeling more drawn to delicate, minimal style and JORD complements this type of look quite nicely.

jord maple watches
Jord Cora Maple & Silver Watch, $275

While looking through JORD's catalog, there was so much to choose from. If you feel like something dark and rugged, then there are the ebony watches. If you want something more exotic, then there's zebrawood or koa. For my personal tastes, it's all about light, golden woods so I was immediately drawn to the maple collection.

JORD's maple watches are constructed from the outer rings of the maple tree and feature straight grains and a light yellow color. Out of the maples watches, I settled in on the Cora, a delicate looking watch that comes in multiple colored faces (silver, turquoise, rose gold, pearl and lavender).

cora maple and silver jord watch
Jord Cora Maple & Silver Watch, $275

The Cora Maple & Silver watch features an automatic drive system, meaning there's no batteries; instead you just periodically wind up the watch using the discreet dial on its side. The Cora also has sapphire crystal glass plating and Swarovski crystal markers for that discreet luxury feel.

Sizing my watch was easy as JORD provides handy instructions and a printable guide to help you measure your wrist. There are also extra links provided in the packaging in case you need it.

jord wood watches review

When I received my watch, I was almost as enamored, if not more, with the gorgeous wood engraved box that the watch came in. Featuring a sleek pull out lid, this was truly a treasure. My only wish was that the box was much larger so I could use it for storing fancy stuff, like luxury lipsticks or my makeup brushes!

unboxing the jord watch

jord watch review

If you're stuck on what to get a special someone for Christmas, then I highly recommend checking out JORD Watches. Few gifts can be as personal and elegant as gifting a watch, so it's the perfect item to get for a loved one!

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