Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel to Oil Cleanser Review | My favourite Bliss product!

Bliss makeup melt review

The Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel to Oil Cleanser is a unique all-in-one product that is designed to melt away dirt, impurities and makeup to reveal clean, bright skin in just a single step! Similar to a cleansing oil, you apply the Fabulous Makeup Melt to dry skin and then start massaging away. In Bliss' user testing, over 84% of testers said that the Fabulous Makeup Melt removed dirt, excess oil and even waterproof makeup.

I've tried a few Bliss products before and had varying results, but I love cleansing oils, so the Fabulous Makeup Melt sounded right up my alley!

The Guts
First up, the ingredients. The Fabulous Makeup Melt primarily contains:
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - a silicone that gives products a slippery texture
  • Caprylic/Capric triglyceride - gives products a thick, slippery texture
  • Octyldodecanol - another thickener and lubricant
  • Stearyl heptanoate - an emollient
Other notable ingredients include olive oil (emollient), Prunus Insititia seed oil (moisturizing), sage leaf oil (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant), jojoba (moisturizing). For those with sensitive skin, watch out as this cleanser contains lavender, orange peel and peppermint oils, which are fragrances that can cause irritation. 

Price & Packaging
A 125 ml tube costs about $28 USD, so $30 something for us Canadians. 120 ml is a generous sized tube, but I find I'm using this up fairly quickly as I use about a quarter sized amount each time. I'm probably over-applying, but I feel anything less just doesn't clean as well with a full face of makeup. 

Bliss fabulous makeup melt gel to oil cleanser

As I wasn't sure whether the Fabulous Makeup Melt was meant to be used as a single step product or as part of a double-cleanse routine, I tested it both ways. My usual weekday face includes foundation, powder, mascara, brow powder, eyeliner, blush, sometimes shadow and definitely lipstick, so needlesstosay, that's a whole lotta face! I like my makeup removers to be super thorough and if something is going to claim to be good enough to both remove makeup AND cleanse, then it had better be able to pass my toner test! Sadly, the Fabulous Makeup Melt totally failed. It did a great job at removing all my makeup, but it couldn't move on further and penetrate that last layer of dirt and oil from the day. My toner pad was looking pretty beige after using just the Fabulous Makeup Melt on it own.

As a cleaning gel-to-oil though, the Fabulous Makeup Melt excelled. The gel feels like a super thick oil that smooths on easily and starts breaking down makeup immediately. Within seconds, it melts into a thin oil that rinses away easily. When paired with my current evening face wash, the Fabulous Makeup Melt leaves me skin feeling soft, cleansed and refreshed.

Besides using it as a makeup remover, I've been loving to use the Fabulous Makeup Melt as a morning cleanser; it's just gentle enough to cleanse off any overnight residue without stripping my skin of moisture.

Bliss gel to oil cleanser

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this cleansing gel! Even though it's not much of a night-time cleanser, it works great as part of a double-cleanse routine and I think it would work pretty well as a regular cleanser for anyone who doesn't wear makeup.

Final Verdict
Buy - a gentle and effective cleansing oil that can also be used as a regular cleanser for light-to-no-makeup days.

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