Fresh-faced Weekend Makeup with Wet N' Wild

Although I love nothing better than putting on my face in the mornings, on the weekends I like to keep things a lot simpler and let my skin breathe a bit without layers of products on top. If I'm not going anywhere, I won't opt for any makeup at all, except maybe sunscreen, but if I'm running errands or going out for brunch, then I'll throw on a simple look like this one here:

weekend fotd with wet n'wild

For me, weekend makeup basically means no foundation and then just doing whatever else to give my face a little bit of color and evenness.

Recently, Wet N'Wild sent me over a couple of products that are perfect for creating that fresh-faced no-makeup look.

The Wet N' Wild Color Icon Blusher ($1.49) is a super cheap blush that offers sheer, yet buildable color. This blush is available in four shades, the lightest of which, Pearlescent Pink, I'm wearing here. When it comes to weekend makeup, blush is your best friend. Pop on a little swirl of blush on the apples of your cheeks and you immediately look fresher and more refined! Plus blush can distract away from a little bit of skin unevenness or redness. There's a slight wash of glitter in the Color Icon Blusher too, which makes this even cooler because then you get a bit of highlight as well as color.

The other Wet N' Wild item I'm featuring here in this look is the Wet N'Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain in Rico Mauve ($2.99). I'm a big fan of lip crayons and I was pleasantly surprised with how moisturizing and pigmented the MegaSlicks Balm Stain was. For something so cheap, the quality of this product is definitely on par with some high-end competitors. Rico Mauve is a lovely natural rose tone on me and is the type of color I love to wear everyday. The MegaSlicks Balm Stain is also so creamy that you don't even need lip balm and it has a nice glossy sheen to it as well.

Besides these two great Wet N' Wild items, here are the other products I used to create this look:
  • Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powder
  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
  • Tarte Tartelette shadow palette
weekend makeup with wet n'wild

Instead of foundation, I patted on a layer of pressed powder to cut the edge off my shine and to even out the redness near my nose and mouth area. Then, it was onto the eyes. 

For this look, I wanted to keep things soft and just define my eyes a little bit. Lately my go-to routine for shadow has been to take a light color (Super Mom) all over the lid with my MAC 217 and then go over the area above my crease with a warm tan (Wanderer). If I still feel like more color, then I'll dab on a little bit of a darker brown (Dreamer) and blend blend blend. Then, a couple quick swipes of a nude highlight across the upper and lower lash line, alongside a couple coats of mascara and the eyes are done.

tarte tartelette eye shadow palette

Last, but not least, is to slick on a perfect MLBB and that's it!

Now, this look might not be exactly "light" for most people, but for me, it just makes me feel more comfortable knowing that at least I've cleaned up my face a bit before going out in public! You never know when you'll run into that awful ex or bitchy frenemy amirite?

Now tell me: what's your weekend makeup routine?

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Makeup Swap Haul

On the weekend, Sheila, Angela and I hosted a small potluck/makeup swap get-together where we invited our friends over to dive in and take items from our stash in exchange for food! While I didn't get any shots of the food, which included homemade matcha bread, samosas and mousse cake, I did get a shot of the makeup that was up for grabs that day:

makeup swap

It was pretty hilarious as most of the other girls hadn't been to a makeup swap before so everyone was being very polite and tentative at first about what they took. Soon enough though, everyone got over that awkwardness fast and started grabbing up everything in sight! In the end, there was only a lonely box of hair dye and a single bottle of nail polish left.

As a host, my main focus was to destash and to NOT take anything back home. Well, of course you know how that went since I'm obviously writing a haul post now! I think I was still somewhat successful in my goal though as I came to the party with two shopping bags full of items and left with only one, 3/4 full bag!

Here's a recap of the goodies I snapped up:

clean cashmere perfume

Yes, I'm a sucker for refills and even though I highly doubt I'll ever finish my existing bottle of CLEAN Cashmere, I couldn't resist taking this one home! At least now I can feel free to douse myself in it everyday.

korres jasmine lip butter

I've never tried Korres lip products before, so I was immediately intrigued by how rich and moisturizing these appear to be. Supposedly the top one is the heavy duty moisturizer, while the bottom glaze is more appropriate for daytime as it has a glossier tint.

makeup swap haul - kirkland and shu uemura eye shadow

Yes, I am also a sucker for eye shadows! Who knew that Costco's in-house brand made makeup?! Well, apparently they do and this palette has some really nice looking everyday colors that I'm eager to try. Although the palette looks a little cool here, it's actually warmer in person.

I also couldn't resist snatching up this Shu Uemura duo. The fun pop colors look like they can be pigmented or sheered out and I took this one purely because it would be so fun to do looks with on the blog!

h&m pressed powder, blush and Paul & Joe primer

After reading several reviews of the new-ish H&M beauty line, the top two items I had wanted to try were the pressed powder and the blush and now I have both without even having to step inside a store! Although everyone's all about strobing at the moment, I'm getting more into a subtler "candlelight" glow, which usually means trying to matte out my natural shine. The True Matte Finishing Powder will hopefully help with that. For the blush, I got the shade Apricot, which looks like a light peachy-pink that will be perfect for spring.

Continuing on with the base products, I also picked up this Paul & Joe Perfect Makeup Primer. A hydrating base with a slight tint, I think this primer will be ideal for those no-makeup makeup days.

palmer's dry oil

And of course what good haul doesn't have some skincare? I'm a total Kiehl's whore so as soon as I saw these mini bottles of the Ultra Facial Moisturizer, I had to grab it. I'm also really into body oils after using Nuxe and the reviews for the Palmer's oil sounds very promising and is much more affordable!

biore charcoal strips

Last but not least, I snapped up a replacement bar of Lush's delicious smelling Old Father Time soap and I picked up some charcoal pore strips for Mr. Artist.

Finally, the silliest item that I "took" from the swap was this Biotherm essence which I had actually brought to giveaway, but then Sheila and Angela convinced me to keep it! See, that's how you know when you have really good friends.

Have you been to a makeup swap before? What's your experience been like at one?

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ColourPop Back to Cool Lippie Stix Set Review | My go-to last-all-day matte lipstick set

colourpop back to cool lippie stix review

Has anyone else noticed that ColourPop is an American company that spells their name with Canadian/British spelling? If you've never heard of ColourPop then it's time to get educated. This California brand has been blowing up the makeup scene for the past couple years with their high-end quality with low-end prices products. Known for their lipsticks and eye-popping shadows, ColourPop has been on my radar for awhile, but I didn't make the plunge until a few months ago, when I purchased the ColourPop Back to Cool Lippie Stix set.

colourpop back to cool lipsticks

This six-piece set contains a series of wearable nudes, pinks and plums to make up the perfect lipstick capsule wardrobe. All of the lipsticks in the set have a satin/matte finish and are extremely pigmented - I'm talking 1-2 swipe color - and they last for hours without fading. These have quickly become a staple in my makeup rotation and are my go-to when I just want easy, no-fuss color as I know these won't budge or deteriorate .

colourpop lippie stix set back to cool review

Here's the color breakdown:
  • Baewatch, a creamy medium-dark magenta
  • Choker, a light pink with brown undertones
  • Mosh Pit, a medium brown-dusky rose 
  • Out of Sync, a bright neon pink
  • TGIF, a brick red
  • Too Sexy, a grape purple
An individual Lippie Stix costs $5 USD, while the Back to Cool set costs $25, so you're saving about $0.83 per Lippie Stix, which isn't too bad!

colourpop back to cool swatches
Left to right: TGIF, Mosh Pit, Too Sexy, Baewatch, Out of Sync, Choker

Unlike conventional lipstick bullets, the Lippie Stix are very skinny and have a smaller circumference, with a definite slant to the face. At first I wasn't into the skinniness of these, but after awhile I got into it as it really does help to define the lip line a lot easier than with traditional bullets that cover a wider surface area quicker, but are less precise. Unless you have super thick lips (damn you) then you won't have a problem covering your lips still with these.

colourpop lippie stix review

Application-wise, I found the Lippie Stix to apply very creamy and easily without tugging. After a couple of seconds these dry down to a dry satin finish. If you're a die-hard matte color lover, then the Lippie Stix won't be enough to satisfy you, but for most people who are afraid of that puckered lip look, these will suit you just fine. The Lippie Stix are just matte enough to not be glossy and are perfect in the more "out there" shades as the satin finish is matte enough to keep things fresh and modern.

colourpop lippie stix in tgif
Wearing: TGIF

colourpop lippie stix in mosh pit
Wearing: Mosh Pit

colourpop lippie stix in too sexy
Wearing: Too Sexy

Out of all the colors, probably Mosh Pit and TGIF are the two I'm wearing the most as they are ideal fall/winter lip colors. Mosh Pit in particular satisfies all my 90's/Kylie Jenner brown lip fantasies. Choker is a tad too pale for me, but looks good if layered over top of a more pink tone. Out of Sync is a fun, bright magenta pink, while Baewatch is an intense rosy mauve that has me fan-girling everywhere. Lastly, there is Too Sexy which is a gorgeous vampy dream!

colourpop lippie stix in baewatch
Wearing: Baewatch

colourpop lippie stix in out of sync
Wearing: Out of Sync

colourpop lippie stix in choker
Wearing: Choker

After trying this set, I'm sold on the ColourPop hype. Shipping was easy and not too pricey, which makes me really wonder what kind of scam they're trying to pull on over there at the ColourPop factory - how can it be this good and this cheap?! When does the free ride end ColourPop???

Final Verdict
Buy - great colors, stellar finish and wear and perfect pigmentation. It doesn't get much better than this!

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How I'm Wearing Lipstick: 2 Become 1

just j favourite lipstick combos

Raise your hand if you got the Spice Girls reference! I always thought that was such a sneaky dirty song for 12 year olds to be singing. I'm in a bit of weird mood right now as I'm blogging at home, drinking wine and listening to Justin Bieber's new album on Youtube... and actually enjoying it! Goddammit Biebs. Why'd you have to go and make such a catchy emo album?! And the music videos are actually edgy and so... unlike Biebs. It is turning my world upside-down that he is being so cool.

And you know what else is cool? Combining lipsticks together! Lately, in an attempt to work quicker  through my lipsticks (as if that's ever going to happen) so that I can, admittedly, have an excuse to buy more, I've been wearing multiple lip products at once and I've become a huge fan of it! You know when you're looking through your drawer to try and match that shade that so-and-so is wearing and your collection is lacking? Well, combining colors can instantly get you that fix; plus it's super fun to experiment and see what shades go well together.

Here are a couple of combos that I've got in regular rotation lately:

how to wear 2 red lipsticks together

sephora red with clinique black cherry lipstick

how to combine two lipsticks into one look

This season for me has been all about dark reds. You can never go wrong with a red lip, in any situation. It's just about finding the right red for that situation. My favourite red lip is a bright, blood red lip and this combination of Sephora's R04 with Clinique's Black Cherry gives me that perfect, deep, scarlet color that I'm craving. To create this look, I always go bright to dark, so first I dab on the Sephora lipstick then apply Black Cherry on top until the color deepens to the color I want.

wearing orange and red lipstick together

clinique lip pop in poppy pop with colorpop in mosh pit

just j motd lipstick

For a more wearable red option, I've been loving to combine a tomato red with a brown lipstick to get more of a brick tone. Clinique's Pop Lip Color + Primer in Poppy Pop (read my past review!) is a favourite of mine in summer months and it wears well into winter as well when combined with the brown-pink tones of ColorPop's Lippie Stix in Mosh Pit. To create this look, I first layer Mosh Pit all over my lips, then slick on Poppy Pop on the center and blend outwards.

bright pink lipsticks

clinique wow pop with revlon berry allure gloss

just j bright pink lipsticks

Lastly, I couldn't leave out a bright pink look could I? Although not technically a "winter" lip look, I just couldn't help not putting it in here as it's just so fun to wear. This one combines my Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer in Wow Pop with Revlon's Berry Allure lip gloss. The end result is straight up glossy pop lips. I love the purple tint the gloss puts on this bright pink lipstick. It's the perfect lip color for the club and you can bet on it that I will be wearing this look tons in the spring!

What color combos do you think would make a fun lipstick look?

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Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion Review | Why I can't stop smelling this lotion

dr. teals epsom salt lotion

When I was first introduced to the Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion I was a little confused. How would salt help moisturize my skin? I knew salt was good for your skin and that it could be a really good exfoliator, but why would I need it in a moisturizer?

Well, technically I was wrong. You see, epsom salt isn't a salt at all; it's actually just the layman's term for magnesium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral that has been used for centuries for its curative properties. Epsom salt, which is named after a spring in England, is commonly used as an aromatherapy treatment for aiding sleep, to relieve aching muscles, to reduce inflammation, heal wounds, treat colds and eliminate toxins from the body. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Sold in drugstores everywhere, Dr. Teal's specializes in bringing the powers of epsom salt into the homes of consumers with their line of bath salts, body washes, lotions and oils. The Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E to deeply moisturize and repair dry, damaged skin, leaving it smoother and stronger than before and it comes in four soothing scents: lavender, chamomile, ginger & clay and eucalyptus & spearmint, which is the scent I'm reviewing today.

The Guts
The Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion primarily contains:
  • Water
  • Glycerin - a common humectant that helps skin retain and draw in moisture
  • Isopropyl palmitate - a thick emollient that deeply moisturizes skin by preventing moisture loss
  • Glyceryl stearate - an emollient that gives skin a smooth appearance and it helps protect the skin from free radicals 
  • Cetyl alcohol - an emollient
As you can see from the ingredients list, this lotion is full of thick emollients to give it a rich, creamy texture. The Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion also contains spearmint (fragrance) and eucalyptus (fragrance and antibacterial) as well as epsom salts, shea butter (moisturizing), cocoa seed butter (moisturizing) and vitamin E. I LOVE the smell of eucalyptus, but be forewarned that it, along with the spearmint, could be irritating if you have very sensitive skin.

Price & Packaging
At $8.99 for 283 g of product, the Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion has very good price for value. My only complaint is that the tube is a bit large to hold onto in my midget hands and the flip top lid is a little flimsy. 

Other than that very minor complaint though, I can think of absolutely zero negatives about this lotion! I'm a sucker for a hot shower, so thick repairing lotions are my favourite to use and the Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion totally falls into this category. It is rich, creamy and leaves my skin feeling enveloped in a thick layer of moisture. Literally if my skin could talk, it would say "MOAR PLZ" it loves it that much. 

Besides its rich soothing texture, the Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion also smells pretty damn amazing. After lemon and vanilla scents, I am a huge fan of anything eucalyptus smelling. Mint and spearmint are ok, but there's something about that medicinal aspect of eucalyptus that always makes me feel relaxed. I think it must be something from my childhood of using Vick's Vapor Rub but whenever I'm stressed or not feeling well, I just put on some eucalyptus oil and bam! I instantly feel better and this lotion pretty much has the same effect on me. (Do they still even make Vicks' Vapor Rub? I'd really like to get me some of that!)

Final Verdict
Buy - this lotion checks all the boxes for me: deeply moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth while smelling amazing and being super affordable!

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Canadian Beauty Blogger Love Part 1: A is for almond oil

One of the best parts of blogging is connecting in the community and a big highlight of my time as a blogger has been joining and working on the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network. I joined two years ago in its inception and I'm so proud of everything we've accomplished. As a way to kick off 2016, I thought I'd do a series working my way through our ever-growing directory and highlighting some of the fantastic blogs I find along the way!

In part 1 of this series I'm focusing on the letter A!

First up, is Leonie of A Paletteful. Hailing from Calgary, Leonie's blog is an ode to her favourite things: makeup and skincare, especially lipsticks! As a fellow lipstick addict, I can totally get the obsession. Her clear photography and concise reviews make this blog an easy, fun read!

Image via A Paletteful

For a bit of a break from the usual beauty blogger posts, head on over to A Whole Lot of Serendipity! I've been loving following along with her travel posts which make me want to drop everything and go to Paris asap!

Image via A Whole Lot of Serendipity

Lastly, if I'm going to focus on the letter A, then I've got to give a shout out to my fellow Vancouverite, Alison of Alison*Elle. I've been reading Alison's blog for a long time. Her blog perfectly encapsulates Vancouver style and our lifestyle, which is of course all about looking terribly stylish while biking between brunch and the sea wall!

Image via Alison*Elle

So that covers the A bloggers in the CBB directory! Why not check a few of us out yourself?

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DHC Mild Soap Review | My reintroduction to washing with a bar soap!

For years bar soaps have gotten a bad rep as being too harsh and too drying for use on one's delicate face. Once the mainstay for cleansing, the humble bar soap has been edged out of the skincare game by foaming cleansers, gel cleansers, scrubs, milk cleansers, cleansing waters, konjac sponges, cleansing brushes and cleansing oils. Who even uses bar soap for the shower nowadays?! Well, they say everything old is new again and if skincare aficionados like the Japanese are getting back into bar soaps, then it's only a matter of time for us North Americans to do so as well.

DHC is Japan's number one direct sales beauty company and they're known for their wide variety of gentle, effective beauty products based on the moisturizing powers of olive oil. Previously I tried, and loved their cleansing oil and recently I started trying out their Mild Soap in my daily routine.

dhc mild face soap review

Besides the Mild Soap, DHC also offers two other types of cleansing bars: the Pure Soap bar focuses on oil control for blemish-prone skin, while the Olive Soap is formulated to fight signs of aging. For those who need something in-between, the Mild Soap is the perfect solution as it's a gentle everyday soap containing olive oil and honey for long-lasting hydration.

The Guts
The Mild Soap is primarily made up of:
  • Water
  • Sodium oleate - a surfactant and cleanser
  • Sucrose - a humectant
  • Sodium palmitate - a cleanser
  • Sodium laurate - a cleanser
Overall this soap is mainly made up of surfactants and emulsifiers, which is expected as these help break up dirt, makeup and oils. Sadly, the key moisturizing ingredients of olive oil and honey come at the end of the ingredients list. This soap also contains denatured alcohol, which could be an issue for those with sensitive skin.

Price & Packaging
A single 3.1 oz bar costs about $17 USD off DHC's website. If you live near a T&T, I have seen DHC products sold there as well, so I would expect this soap to have a similar, if slightly higher price there too in Canadian.

The DHC Mild Soap comes wrapped in waxed paper inside a very nice cardboard box. Sadly though, it doesn't include any soap dish, although DHC does sell some cute ones separately. The soap itself is a clear color with the DHC name stamped into its surface.

The last face bar soap I'd ever used was my very first beauty product, the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar back when I was around 11 or 12 years old, so I really had to reach back for any comparison to base my review on! 

To use, I'd recommend running this soap under some warm water for a couple of seconds while lathering it in your hands. Used this way, the Mild Soap lathers up easily into a workable, if thin, foam that spreads easily across the face.

If you like gentle cleansers, then you'll probably like the Mild Soap. This soap has way less foam and body to it compared to gel or foam cleansers and it also has a much more slippery texture compared to milk cleansers, yet I have to say I like it. I was expecting the Mild Soap to feel really harsh, but it actually felt quite gentle and was not stripping at all. My skin didn't feel tight afterwards and it rinsed away really quickly and easily compared to my other daily cleanser, THEFACESHOP Herb Day Aloe Cleansing Cleansing Foam. 

Despite being gentle, the Mild Soap was strong enough to wash away all my makeup (when paired with my DHC Cleansing Oil) and left little residue. I've been using this bar mostly in the mornings, but sometimes at night too when I just want to quickly wash up and it was all I took, cleanser-wise, when I went back home over the Christmas break. No need to worry about pumps leaking into baggies or staying under the flight limit for liquids when you use a bar soap! I'll definitely be packing this into my carry-on when I fly to Mexico next month! 

Although $17 may seem pretty pricey for a bar of soap, I think it may actually work out to be economical. I've been using my bar for over a month now and it hardly looks used; in fact, the imprint on the soap has barely worn off, so I'm pretty sure I'll be using this soap for months. Now I just need a pretty soap dish to display this beauty properly on my bathroom counter!

Final Verdict
Buy - facial soap bars have just made a comeback for me. The Mild Soap is a gentle, yet thorough cleanser that won't leave your skin feeling stripped, but rather just clean and soft. Another win for DHC!

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Schaf Skincare Review | Simple, natural and it works!

schaf skincare review

Anyone remember that Kermit song from The Muppets, it ain't easy being green? Well, now it is - at least when it comes skincare. There are so many brands out there now touting ever higher levels of naturally sourced, organic ingredients, which is so exciting for skincare lovers like me. Now, I have nothing against using chemicals, but hey, who can deny the appeal of using items that you can actually recognize in your products?

Recently, myself and other members of the CBB were offered the opportunity to try out eco-certified skincare line, Schaf Skincare. All Schaf products are formulated using natural and organic ingredients, but more importantly, what distinguishes Schaf is what their products do not contain, namely parabens, silicones, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, propylene glycol, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, GMOs and animal byproducts.

In order to get a full sense of the Schaf Skincare system, we were each sent their White Lava Purifying Scrub, the Nutritive Daily Moisturizer and the Nutritive Daily Eye Cream to try and after a few weeks trial, I'm now ready to report back on my thoughts!

White Lava Purifying Scrub

schaf white lava purifying scrub

Price: $30 for 120 ml

What it is: a deep cleansing scrub containing white lava particles and apricot seed powder to gently and thoroughly exfoliate away dirt, impurities and dead skin cells, revealing fresher, smoother skin.

What's in it:
  • Deionized water
  • Aloe vera leaf juice - reduces inflammation and is an antioxidant
  • Vegetable glycerine - a humectant (draws moisture into skin)
  • Sodium cocoyl isothionate - a coconut based surfactant
  • Radish root ferment filtrate - has antibacterial properties
Other ingredients of note are sunflower seed oil (emollient), shea butter (moisturizing), lava powder (smooths skin), sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing), cucumber extract (cooling and moisturizing) and green tea extract (antioxidant).

schaf white lava face scrub review

My take: At first I was really skeptical about using this scrub since it contains apricot seeds, which generally are not recommended for use as an exfoliant as its irregular shape can leave fine scratches on your skin; however, I was advised that Schaf does not use apricot seeds, but instead uses apricot seed powder so the granules are spherical and therefore no longer harmful. Once I got over that, I actually quite liked this scrub. It has a light, clean scent and really does leave my skin feeling smoother and deeply cleansed. A warning to those who aren't used to deep exfoliation - this scrub could feel a bit too abrasive for you, but for me, I didn't find the granules to be packed so densely that it bothered me that much. Just be gentle when massaging this into your face and you'll be fine. 

The one thing I really disliked about this scrub is its packaging. This scrub is SUPER duper thick and it's really difficult to get anything out of the bottle. You pretty much have to slap the bottom of the bottle while holding it upside-down like an old-school Heinz ketchup bottle! It would have been way easier if this scrub came in squeezable tube. Despite that annoyance though, I still think this is a really great scrub that will provide that great thoroughly clean feeling one expects from a scrub while still containing a lot of natural moisturizers so your skin doesn't feel stripped.

Final Verdict: Buy

Nutritive Daily Moisturizer

schaf nutritive daily moisturizer

Price: $45 for 50 ml

What it is: A hyaluronic acid based moisturizer designed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, repair environmental damage and provide long-lasting hydration, all in an oil-free formula that won't leave your skin feeling sticky or shiny.

What's in it:
  • Deionized water
  • Aloe leaf gel
  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride - an emollient (prevents moisture loss)
  • Grape seed oil - emollient and antioxidant
  • Palmitoyl oligopeptide - an anti-aging ingredient that helps increase moisture levels in skin
Other ingredients of note are sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing), avocado oil (antioxidant), coconut oil (moisturizing), jojoba seed oil (moisturizing), shea butter, pumpkin seed oil (antioxidant), vitamin E, and elder flower extract (moisturizing).

schaf moisturizer review

My take: Unlike the scrub, I really liked the packaging of the Nutritive Daily Moisturizer. The dispenser was perfect for dispensing just enough product to apply to the face and its stubby round bottle shape is just so cute! This moisturizer is pretty thick, so even though Schaf says it's supposed to be lightweight, I've been using it as a night cream instead. What's pretty awesome about this cream is that it really does what it claims and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky, yet it's still easily spreadable across the skin. It left my face feeling soft and hydrated and although it wasn't a life-changer for me, I still feel like this is a solid choice for anyone looking to combat dry winter skin.

Final Verdict: Buy

schaf face moisturizer

Nutritive Daily Eye Cream

schaf nutritive eye cream

Price: $40 for 15 ml

What it is: an anti-aging eye cream containing coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and rejuvenating peptides to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and leave your under eye area feeling baby soft.

What's in it:
  • Deionized water
  • Aloe leaf gel
  • Sodium hyaluronate, aka hyaluronic acid - a humectant that helps hydrate and plump up the skin
  • Propanediol - helps with the penetration of other ingredients into the skin and also is a moisturizer
  • Palmitoyl oligopeptide
Other ingredients of note include shea butter, grape seed oil, radish root ferment (antibacterial), squalane (moisturizing), jojoba seed oil, marine collagen (moisturizing), and vitamin E. 

My take: Out of all the Schaf products I tried, this was my favouite. This eye cream can be used both night and day and has a thick, creamy, but not sticky texture. This cream spread easily across my under eye and absorbed readily, but still left my eye area feeling very soft and hydrated. I've also noticed that even when wearing concealer, I don't get as deep fine lines by the end of the day as I usually do. That may not sound like much, but trust me it is!

schaf nutritive eye cream review

Final Verdict: Buy

Overall thoughts
I love Schaf Skincare's focus on providing naturally sourced products that combine the best of nature with science. All of their products are packed full of great, proven, moisturizers like shea butter, squalane, and hyaluronic acid, making them a great option for people with dry skin. 

Many of the ingredients in each of these products are also organic, or eco-certified and while it's not 100% organic, I appreciate the effort and like I said, being "chemical-free" isn't that important to me, nor do I think personally that it is very practical. 

Each product worked well for me and I think the price range isn't too bad for a higher-end brand. Out of everything I tried, I'd probably repurchase the Nutritive Daily Eye Eye Cream. The scrub and the moisturizer were also great, but the eye cream to me really stood out as the winner as it actually made a difference to my eye area, whereas the other products were solid, but had dupeable results similar to other products. 

If you're interested in trying out anything from the Schaf Skincare line you can purchase them online through their website, or through certain retailers across Canada and the US.  

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Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie Palette Review | A fabulous starter makeup kit for your best #PurSelfie

Before last year, I'd always thought of Pur Minerals as one of those TV makeup lines, like the ones you see on infomercials in the middle of the night. Because of that, and because I'm a snob, Pur Minerals just wasn't on my radar, but I'm happy to say that I've since changed my mind now that I've had the chance to actually try out some of their products.

Since I've gotten to know them, I've now learned that Pur Minerals has been known for years for their environmentally friendly and cruelty-free mineral based products. Mineral makeup differs from conventional makeup in that it contains high contents of natural minerals as opposed to "synthetic" chemicals and the theory is that this makes mineral makeup healthier and less irritating (you can read more research that I did on this topic here). While the actual proof of these claims is debatable, what isn't is the quality of Pur Minerals' products.

pur minerals selfie palette review

Recently Pur Minerals was kind enough to send over one of their latest collector's sets, the Love Your Selfie kit, a face, lips and eye palette containing all you'd ever need for your travel and everyday makeup needs. This palette contains 8 limited edition eye shadow shades, as well as Pur Minerals' bestselling mascara, lip gloss, bronzer and blush.

Price & Packaging
In terms of value, the Love Your Selfie palette is a steal at $39. Other similarly sized eye shadow palettes by Pur Minerals cost $38 on their own, plus you get an almost full sized mascara (0.12 oz vs. 0.17 oz full size) and the included lip gloss is actually slightly bigger than the regular size (0.14 oz vs. 0.11 oz)!

pur minerals love your selfie palette review

The Love Your Selfie palette comes packaged in a self-contained, magnetic lid case that flips open to reveal a mirror and included tutorial inserts with two types of looks. While I liked the convenience factor, I found the mascara and gloss tricky to remove from the case without turning the whole thing upside-down.

Pigmentation & Wear
As I've reviewed the Pur Minerals Big Look Mascara, Mineral Glow Bronzer, Savvy Blush and Afterglow Highlight before, I'll mostly be concentrating on the eye shadows today.

The Love Your Selfie eye shadows are a mix of mattes and shimmers, making it super versatile for a variety of looks:
  • Exposure - a matte vanilla
  • Fade - a matte sand 
  • Filter - a shimmery rose 
  • Photobomb - a glittery maroon
  • Flash - a shimmery peach gold
  • Capture - a matte light tan
  • Sepia - a matte chocolate brown
  • Closeup - a matte blue-black
pur minerals love your selfie palette

pur minerals selfie palette review

pur minerals selfie palette review

pur minerals selfie eye and face palette

pur minerals selfie eye and face palette review

I'm currently feeling super sick so I didn't bother taking any selfies, which is tragic considering this is a selfie palette, but trust me when I say that these shadows were really very easy to work with. Each shade had good color payoff and were very blendable. One thing to watch out for though is that the colors aren't exactly true to pan, as can be seen when comparing the pan photos to the swatch photo below. Many of the colors are much darker on the skin than they appear in the pan, so a light touch is needed when applying to ensure you don't over-apply color. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with the quality of the shadows as the mattes weren't chalky and the shimmers didn't have tons of fallout. If you're looking for uber dramatic colors and finishes, then this palette isn't going to be for you as I see Pur Minerals as targeting more the low maintenance makeup wearer who just wants some decent color options and not too "scary" looking shimmers. 

Most of the colors here fall into what I'd categorize as the warm neutrals range. Photobomb and Closeup are perfect for achieving that smoky eye, while Capture and Fade are great transition shades. 

Worn without primer, I did experience some creasing by the end of day, which is normal for me.

pur minerals love your selfie swatches
Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie eye shadow swatches: Exposure, Fade, Filter, Photobomb, Flash, Capture, Sepia, Closeup. Swatches done with two swipes.

pur minerals selfie palette bronzer, blush and highlight
Pur Minerals Mineral Glow Bronzer, Savvy Blush and Afterglow Illuminating Powder

Final Verdict
Buy - I think this palette would make a great gift for someone who is looking to build out their makeup collection. It's not interesting enough to fire up the imagination of a makeup whore like myself, but for "regular" people it's got great value and a good range of shades to suit most any occasion.

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