Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette Review + FOTD | Hello 2016!

clinique pretty easy eye palette

Hello January! I'm back and refreshed from a few days off from blogging during which I ate probably my own weight in cookies, while hydrating myself with hot cocoa and playing way too much of my latest video game obsession, Yokai Watch.

Now it's back to all business and to start things off with a bang, is the latest shadow palette from Clinique. Called the Pretty Easy Eye Palette, this eye shadow palette is designed to give its wearer the perfect capsule wardrobe of makeup looks for everyone from noobs to experts - in other words, we've got another "everyday" neutral palette on our hands!

Neutral palettes were huge in 2015, much to my delight, and if this palette is any indication, that trend is going to continue strong into 2016, and why not? Everyone can use a good neutral palette, or if you're like me, you're a good 20 palettes deep into neutral shadows!

clinique pretty easy eye palette shadow swatches

The Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette features 8 easy-to-wear shades that have primarily a barely-there satin or matte finish (when I refer to which shades are satin, this is meant in only the most generous terms):
  1. French Vanilla - a true warm cream with a matte finish
  2. The light shade from the Mink duo shadow - a slight dusky pink with a satin finish
  3. The dark shade from the Mink duo shadow - my favourite shade of the palette, this is a satin warm red-brown
  4. Jute brown shade from the Wear Everywhere Nudes palette - a purply brown with slight satin shimmer
  5. The light shade from the Nightcap duo - a satin pearly grey
  6. Peppercorn shade from the Wear Everywhere Blues palette - a dark blue-grey matte shade
  7. Lightest shade from the Teddy Bear quad shadow - a matte bone white
  8. The light shade from the Starlight Starbright duo shadow - a super light mauve with a satin finish
As you can see, only one shade is an original in this palette, which I find disappointing. Clinique is known to often recycle colors in their eye shadows, which is fine... to a point. Sometimes it's nice to see fresh combinations of your favourite colors from different palettes mixed together, but only one shade in this freaking palette is new and that shade is one of the least impressive of the bunch! Maybe one of Clinique's new year resolutions should be to hire more product managers to come up with new shades?

clinique pretty easy eye palette review
The Pretty Easy Eye Palette and the Pretty Easy Brow Palette (review coming soon!)

Anyways, cattiness aside, I found this palette to be extremely well composed and wearable. Clinique shadows can be a bit hard to build up and this palette definitely needs some work to get anything other than a sheer wash of color. If you use your fingers or a stiff brush, you fare better, but I tend to like softer brushes, so I don't find this palette conducive to quick 5 minute looks, despite how easy it is to mix these colors together. 

The Pretty Easy Eye Palette is perfect if you love to create soft, neutral eyes and you prefer to wear cooler tones. The darker colors, not surprisingly, have the richest color payoff. The dark shade from the Mink duo shadow and Jute give the best pigmentation, while Peppercorn is pigmented, but a bit patchy. The lighter shades don't fare nearly as well as they are very sheer and require a few layers to build up. All shades last all day, with minimal creasing and don't require primer.

Besides the shadow colors, this palette also contains two Skinny Stick eyeliners in brown and black. I've never seen any liners as skinny as these and that thinness helps it work really well for tight-lining my eyes. My only complaint with them is the odd shape of the liner's tip, which is circular and flat; I would prefer a more conventional pencil point, but since these are already so skinny, this liner's odd shape is more of nuisance than a hindrance.

clinique pretty easy eye shadow palette
Love how Clinique includes these handy guides!

At $44.50 USD (I couldn't find a Canadian price, but I imagine it to be similar), this palette isn't cheap, but it has quickly found its way into my everyday staples. You can use it to create easy one-shade daytime looks or smoky eyes for going out. Although it's not perfect, I enjoyed using every shade of this palette and I love how it has a big large mirror and slim packaging, which makes it easier for travel. This is the ideal palette for professionals and for older women who don't want to wear anything too sparkly or "out there."

Final Verdict

Now for the fun stuff! Here's a look I wore recently to work using only the Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette: 

FOTD featuring the clinique pretty easy eye palette

The idea here was to create a "pretty" look with neutral lips and softly blushed cheeks. For my base, I'm wearing my Pur Minerals Air Perfection CC foundation to get a dewy look, topped with my Wet N' Wild Color Icon Bronzer. My cheeks are my beloved Marc Jacobs Shameless blush in Outspoken, which is a gorgeous lilac and my lips are the NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Creme Brulee. I'm also using the Pretty Easy Brow Palette here to draw in my brows. Now, I just want to take a moment here to say that this palette is THE SHIT!! I had just gotten my brows threaded the day before so my brow game was already pretty good, but seriously, this palette makes it so easy to get a naturally defined look. Can't wait to share more with you soon on this one!

clinique pretty easy eye palette

How to recreate this eye look:

  1. Sweep shade 2 across the entire lid with a fluffy blending brush
  2. Apply shade 7 to the brow bone and inner corners
  3. Generously apply shade 3 across entire lid, sweeping above the crease. Blend well. Also line under the eyes using shade 3
  4. Using a small corner brush, apply shade 4 to the outer corners
  5. Apply shade 6 from the outer corners, inward, using an angled motion so that the color narrows down to the lashline as you move inwards
  6. Line eyes using the brown Skinny Stick 
  7. Lightly dab shade 5 on the center of lid for a bit of highlight

makeup look with the clinique pretty easy eye palette

What do you think of this makeup look? Will you be trying out the Pretty Easy palette?

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