ColourPop Back to Cool Lippie Stix Set Review | My go-to last-all-day matte lipstick set

colourpop back to cool lippie stix review

Has anyone else noticed that ColourPop is an American company that spells their name with Canadian/British spelling? If you've never heard of ColourPop then it's time to get educated. This California brand has been blowing up the makeup scene for the past couple years with their high-end quality with low-end prices products. Known for their lipsticks and eye-popping shadows, ColourPop has been on my radar for awhile, but I didn't make the plunge until a few months ago, when I purchased the ColourPop Back to Cool Lippie Stix set.

colourpop back to cool lipsticks

This six-piece set contains a series of wearable nudes, pinks and plums to make up the perfect lipstick capsule wardrobe. All of the lipsticks in the set have a satin/matte finish and are extremely pigmented - I'm talking 1-2 swipe color - and they last for hours without fading. These have quickly become a staple in my makeup rotation and are my go-to when I just want easy, no-fuss color as I know these won't budge or deteriorate .

colourpop lippie stix set back to cool review

Here's the color breakdown:
  • Baewatch, a creamy medium-dark magenta
  • Choker, a light pink with brown undertones
  • Mosh Pit, a medium brown-dusky rose 
  • Out of Sync, a bright neon pink
  • TGIF, a brick red
  • Too Sexy, a grape purple
An individual Lippie Stix costs $5 USD, while the Back to Cool set costs $25, so you're saving about $0.83 per Lippie Stix, which isn't too bad!

colourpop back to cool swatches
Left to right: TGIF, Mosh Pit, Too Sexy, Baewatch, Out of Sync, Choker

Unlike conventional lipstick bullets, the Lippie Stix are very skinny and have a smaller circumference, with a definite slant to the face. At first I wasn't into the skinniness of these, but after awhile I got into it as it really does help to define the lip line a lot easier than with traditional bullets that cover a wider surface area quicker, but are less precise. Unless you have super thick lips (damn you) then you won't have a problem covering your lips still with these.

colourpop lippie stix review

Application-wise, I found the Lippie Stix to apply very creamy and easily without tugging. After a couple of seconds these dry down to a dry satin finish. If you're a die-hard matte color lover, then the Lippie Stix won't be enough to satisfy you, but for most people who are afraid of that puckered lip look, these will suit you just fine. The Lippie Stix are just matte enough to not be glossy and are perfect in the more "out there" shades as the satin finish is matte enough to keep things fresh and modern.

colourpop lippie stix in tgif
Wearing: TGIF

colourpop lippie stix in mosh pit
Wearing: Mosh Pit

colourpop lippie stix in too sexy
Wearing: Too Sexy

Out of all the colors, probably Mosh Pit and TGIF are the two I'm wearing the most as they are ideal fall/winter lip colors. Mosh Pit in particular satisfies all my 90's/Kylie Jenner brown lip fantasies. Choker is a tad too pale for me, but looks good if layered over top of a more pink tone. Out of Sync is a fun, bright magenta pink, while Baewatch is an intense rosy mauve that has me fan-girling everywhere. Lastly, there is Too Sexy which is a gorgeous vampy dream!

colourpop lippie stix in baewatch
Wearing: Baewatch

colourpop lippie stix in out of sync
Wearing: Out of Sync

colourpop lippie stix in choker
Wearing: Choker

After trying this set, I'm sold on the ColourPop hype. Shipping was easy and not too pricey, which makes me really wonder what kind of scam they're trying to pull on over there at the ColourPop factory - how can it be this good and this cheap?! When does the free ride end ColourPop???

Final Verdict
Buy - great colors, stellar finish and wear and perfect pigmentation. It doesn't get much better than this!

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