How I'm Wearing Lipstick: 2 Become 1

just j favourite lipstick combos

Raise your hand if you got the Spice Girls reference! I always thought that was such a sneaky dirty song for 12 year olds to be singing. I'm in a bit of weird mood right now as I'm blogging at home, drinking wine and listening to Justin Bieber's new album on Youtube... and actually enjoying it! Goddammit Biebs. Why'd you have to go and make such a catchy emo album?! And the music videos are actually edgy and so... unlike Biebs. It is turning my world upside-down that he is being so cool.

And you know what else is cool? Combining lipsticks together! Lately, in an attempt to work quicker  through my lipsticks (as if that's ever going to happen) so that I can, admittedly, have an excuse to buy more, I've been wearing multiple lip products at once and I've become a huge fan of it! You know when you're looking through your drawer to try and match that shade that so-and-so is wearing and your collection is lacking? Well, combining colors can instantly get you that fix; plus it's super fun to experiment and see what shades go well together.

Here are a couple of combos that I've got in regular rotation lately:

how to wear 2 red lipsticks together

sephora red with clinique black cherry lipstick

how to combine two lipsticks into one look

This season for me has been all about dark reds. You can never go wrong with a red lip, in any situation. It's just about finding the right red for that situation. My favourite red lip is a bright, blood red lip and this combination of Sephora's R04 with Clinique's Black Cherry gives me that perfect, deep, scarlet color that I'm craving. To create this look, I always go bright to dark, so first I dab on the Sephora lipstick then apply Black Cherry on top until the color deepens to the color I want.

wearing orange and red lipstick together

clinique lip pop in poppy pop with colorpop in mosh pit

just j motd lipstick

For a more wearable red option, I've been loving to combine a tomato red with a brown lipstick to get more of a brick tone. Clinique's Pop Lip Color + Primer in Poppy Pop (read my past review!) is a favourite of mine in summer months and it wears well into winter as well when combined with the brown-pink tones of ColorPop's Lippie Stix in Mosh Pit. To create this look, I first layer Mosh Pit all over my lips, then slick on Poppy Pop on the center and blend outwards.

bright pink lipsticks

clinique wow pop with revlon berry allure gloss

just j bright pink lipsticks

Lastly, I couldn't leave out a bright pink look could I? Although not technically a "winter" lip look, I just couldn't help not putting it in here as it's just so fun to wear. This one combines my Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer in Wow Pop with Revlon's Berry Allure lip gloss. The end result is straight up glossy pop lips. I love the purple tint the gloss puts on this bright pink lipstick. It's the perfect lip color for the club and you can bet on it that I will be wearing this look tons in the spring!

What color combos do you think would make a fun lipstick look?

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