Lypsyl Lip Balm Review | Get salvation from dry winter lips!

Lypsyl lip balm review

As someone with permanently dry lips, I think I can consider myself a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to lip balms. Like most things, I'm pretty particular with the type of lip balms that I prefer to use; in fact I have different criteria for whether it's for daytime vs. night-time use! My criteria for a winning daytime lip balm formula is that it has to be:
  • moisturizing (duh) 
  • in a convenient tube format - no lip balm pots!
  • have decent longevity - I don't expect the world here, but at least an hour or two
  • isn't strongly scented - I'm okay with a bit of scent and even enjoy it if it's not too artificial, but generally I prefer non-fragranced beauty products
  • non-tinted - I generally avoid tinted lip balms as I always wear lipstick and tinted lip balms just interfere with it
  • doesn't have a high component of beeswax in it as that tends to give the balms a harder texture that is difficult to melt into the lips. I prefer a slightly soft, yet solid texture that usually comes from more oil based balms
  • makes my lips feel smooth and a bit glossy, but not slippery, which can prevent lipstick color from adhering properly
  • made of natural ingredients, which is always a good thing if you can get it IMO
Is that enough criteria you think? So as you can tell, it can be difficult to find lip balms that hit all those marks, yet I'm happy to say that the Lypsyl lip balm gets pretty damn close!

At first glances, there's not much to say about this unassuming lip balm. Like most products in its category, you can purchase it at drugstores (Walmart in Lypsyl's case in Canada), and it comes in singles within plain plastic packaging. What does set Lypsyl apart is its price - only $1.27 at Walmart! Lip balms all seem to hit the $3-5 range these days, so you're saving a couple bucks per tube with Lypsyl, which really adds up considering I go through a ton of lip balm tubes over the course of a year.

Besides the original flavour that I'm featuring here, the Lypsyl lip balms also come in cherry, mint, peach, lemon and strawberry. I've never tried a lemon flavoured lip balm before so I'd love to try that sometime!

Since I tried the original flavour, it was unscented and of a plain off-white color that was translucent on my lips. 

The ingredients in this balm are:
  • Petrolatum, aka Vaseline - derived from petroleum, this ingredient is pretty much like mineral oil. It acts as an emollient, by creating a layer over your skin to capture moisture; it also helps your skin repair itself. Petrolatum gets a bad rep as lower grade petrolatum can be contaminated with toxic substances, however cosmetic grade petrolatum should be safe (source)
  • Glyceryl stearate - another emollient that can also help protect against free-radical damage
  • Paraffinum liquidum, aka mineral oil - see Petrolatum
  • Zinc oxide - acts as a physical sunscreen
  • Tocopheryl acetate - vitamin E, which acts like an antioxidant
  • Aloe vera - a natural moisturizer and general all good ingredient
As you can see, this lip balm is primarily made up of emollients, making it perfect for protecting lips under a thick, occlusive layer. When I first started testing out the Lypsyl balm, my lips were peeling pretty badly, despite regular exfoliation and copious applications of my usual lip balm, the Epic Blend Lip Balms, but after a week of using the Lypsyl balm, my lips were transformed! No more peelies and cracks. I was amazed and a little annoyed as I prefer to use the all-natural Epic Blend balms because of the environmental good feels that I get from it and because they're locally made, but you just can't hide from the truth: Lypsyl got the job done. 

Sometimes what you need isn't always what you want and not everything flashy turns out to be good. The Lypsyl lip balms are just your good old fashioned lip balm, nothing fancy and nothing more. 

And they work. 

Final Verdict

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