Canadian Beauty Blogger Love Part 2: B is for bath bombs

Canada is of course a huge place and it's so full of creative people. This is part 2 of a blogging project of mine where I'm working my way through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network directory in search of awesome new bloggers to follow. In this series I'll share some of my new and old favourites in hopes that you too can gain a new appreciation for all that our community has to offer!

Kicking off the letter B (and there are a LOT of bloggers under B) is The Bambi Eyes. I just found her blog thanks to this series (woot!) and I'm already hooked. First off, Stacy is drop-dead gorgeous, but her posts are also thoughtful and beautifully photographed. She does a great mix of lifestyle and beauty posts and always seems to have a sunny attitude.

The Bambi Eyes on CBB love
Image: The Bambi Eyes

Next, I've gotta mention my fellow CBB team member, Jenn of A Beautiful Zen! Jenn is one of my favourite bloggers because her personality and voice comes through in her writing so much more than a lot of others. I always enjoy reading her posts, and now watching her videos, because she really seems like someone you could just hang with and eat copious amounts of chips while binge-watching Netflix. Plus, she says dude a lot which I find very endearing :)

CBB love for A Beautiful Zen
Image: A Beautiful Zen

When I look for blogs, I'm always drawn to clean layouts, great photos, and spot-on writing. I hate blogs that are all photos and just captions, so when I found Beauty Reflections, it was like a throw back to the old days of blogging when words were dominant over photos. Tracy's posts are always funny, to the point and full of good information. She's got strong opinions, but again, I kinda like that sort of thing, y'kno? Plus, and she may not like me for saying this, she's older which means that skincare actually does something for her. There's really no point in reading a skincare post by a 20 year old. It's like, oh uh.. yeah it didn't give me wrinkles? Yeah, thanks for the insight!

Image: Beauty Reflections

Last, but not least, is Janella of Ma Belle Vie! Reading Janella's blog is like sitting in a cozy, bright kitchen and listening to her chat about her favourite products and her life. What really drew me to her blog was her amazing food photography. Janella features easy to prepare and healthy recipes that she makes for her family, interspersed with her makeup reviews, so that I left feeling hungry and also wanting to shop. What gives!

Image: Ma Belle Vie

This is it for me for the next week or so as I'll be partying and tanning it up in sunny Mexico for my friend's wedding, so see you all when I get back! I hope you're enjoying this series so far and I can't wait to start on part 3 when I return!

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