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Demeter review of the foolproof blending sets #CBBFoolProofBlend

I had so much fun trying out my previous Demeter fragrances that when the CBB started another campaign with Demeter featuring their Foolproof Blending Trios, I knew I had to join in again!

In case you're not familiar with Demeter already, they are a fragrance company that specializes in offering customers an affordable way to build their own personal "fragrance library." Unlike most fragrance brands, almost all of Demeter's scents consist of a single note that are designed to be blended with other notes or worn solo. Out of all the perfumes I've tried, Demeter's are definitely the most unique as they seem to be literally trying to catalogue every scent experience into a bottle! Among Demeter's expansive catalogue, you'll find such unique fragrances like Clean Skin, Sunshine, Leather and even New Zealand!

This time around, Demeter offered to let us CBB members all try their Foolproof Blending Trios. Designed as starter kits for amateur perfumiers, the Foolproof Blending Trios contain a trio of fragrances plus an empty bottle with small pipettes to allow you to blend together your own signature scent. As a bit of a science nerd, the chemistry aspect of this challenge definitely intrigued me!

It can be quite the process to choose your Foolproof Blending Trio as there are so many options, but Demeter tries to help by segmenting scents into two basic groupings: the Classic Catalogue and the Winter Nights Catalogue.

The Classic Catalogue contains your classic scents, with a heavy focus on light and medium florals and a couple of cleaner options thrown in like Baby Powder and Laundromat. The Winter Nights Catalogue on the other hand, is a spice lover's dream as it is full of heady, spicy and woodsy scents like Sandalwood, Fireplace and Incense. Oddly enough, some scents, like Gin & Tonic appear in both!

As soon as I saw Jasmine was one of the options, I immediately selected it as my chosen scent. I absolutely LOVE lush tropical florals like Jasmine (it, as well as Plumeria and Pikake being among my favourite scents) so I was eager to see what Demeter would send me to pair with it.

Demeter jasmine and lavender fragrance #CBBFoolproofblend

A few weeks later, my package arrived! Turns out, Demeter thinks Lavender goes with Jasmine. Not a combo I would have chosen, but I was game to try. As well, they also sent over their Vanilla Foolproof Blending Trio, which contains Angel Food, Hawaiian Vanilla and Gingerbread.

To blend your scents together, the rule of thumb is to mix a base + mid + top note. Base notes are usually earthy/woodsy/musk/vanilla scents, while mid notes are floral/spicy/green and top notes are citrusy/creamy/fruity/clean.

Demeter foolproof blending instruction pyramid

Looking at my options, it seemed that they fell into these note groups:
  • Base notes: Hawaiian Vanilla
  • Mid notes: Jasmine, Lavender, Gingerbread
  • Top notes: Angel Food
Demeter foolproof blending fragrance set review #CBBFoolProofBlend

And here's how I'd describe the scent of each of these solo:
  • Hawaiian Vanilla: a sweet more than creamy vanilla that has just a hint of floral freshness. I really enjoyed wearing this one solo as well as using it as a room fragrance!
  • Jasmine: definitely my favourite Demeter perfume of all time!! Easy to say as I only got into Demeter since last year, but hyperbole aside, this fragrance is amazeballs! So lush and such a strong floral. It's definitely bold and not for everyone.
  • Lavender: I'm probably one of the 0.01% of people who hates lavenders so I didn't have high hopes for this one. It smells like lavender, so if that appeals to you, you'd probably like it. To me, it's just weak sauce.
  • Gingerbread: probably my second favourite after Jasmine! This one smells just like my memories of comfy winter nights when the house was filled with the scent of baking. I never thought I'd be one to wear gourmand fragrances but I've been wearing this one out lately as it's just so comforting!
  • Angel Food: I was really surprised at how well this one captured the scent of a freshly baked angel food cake! It's super sweet with hints of vanilla and cream. This one smells really yummy, but is not something I'd use regularly.
Over the last few weeks, I've tried pairing these fragrances up and maybe I'm just more into simple scents, but I actually prefer wearing these solo more than in combination. Jasmine is just perfection on its own in my opinion, so it was tricky to find partners that elevated it any higher. Lavender definitely is nowhere strong enough to show up with Jasmine and the vanilla trios are a bit too sweet for my nose to work with Jasmine either. The only one that comes close is Hawaiian Vanilla as it's a bit tropical too, which kinda works with Jasmine. 

Other combinations I've been enjoying though are Gingerbread + Hawaiian Vanilla and Gingerbread + Tangerine. The floral and creamy notes of the Hawaiian Vanilla are quite interesting with Gingerbread and makes me smell like a delicious cake; while Tangerine adds a dash of fruity freshness to Gingerbread that is nice and energizing in the mornings.

Demeter fragrance review

Although my blending experience didn't quite work out for me, I'm definitely curious to keep on experimenting. Looking at the other catalogue scents for the Foolproof Blending Trios, I think Jasmine would pair quite nicely with Wet Garden (top note) or perhaps Oud (base note). The best thing about perfumes is that there really is no wrong answer and it's such an incredibly fun journey to find what suits you best. 

If you're curious to try out Demeter then visit them online to find out more. You can also find them in stores at Real Canadian Superstores across the country!

What would you choose for your Foolproof Blending Trio?

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