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just j bedtime routine with saje wellness

Sleep is something I take very seriously. As in, I will put my phone on silent and avoid making morning plans just so I can ensure I get ample sleep time. Sleep is something I think is a truly underrated activity, as it's so essential to functioning properly. A lack of sleep can leave you mentally inefficient, it can hurt you physically by lowering your body's ability to repair itself, and it can affect your relationships due to you feeling irritated and impatient. Last year with all the wedding and job stress I was going through, I was having a lot of trouble unwinding enough to get to sleep, but after reading The Happiness Project, I changed up my bedtime routine entirely. Now, I'm able to drop to sleep in less than hour whereas before it wasn't uncommon for me to lie in the dark for two or more hours!

So how did I do this change? Well, it's mainly about changing perspectives I guess and focusing on activities that helped me relax and to also create an environment that facilitates that. For me, that meant removing any bright overhead lights in my room and installing a nebulizer, like this AromaOm Deluxe from Saje. Ever since I received this last year, it's been a game changer and I've become fully on board with the powers of aromatherapy. I just pop in my favourite bedtime nebulizer blends and turn it on for two hours while I shower and get ready for bed and it turns my bedroom into a mini spa. Best. Thing. Ever.

My favourite scents to create a sleepy-time environment are varied. First up, is the Tahitian Vanilla aromatherapy blend from Escents. This soothing blend is Mr. Artist's favourite as he loves anything vanilla. Unlike some vanilla scents that have a bit of sharp sweetness to it, this one is softened by a touch of ylang ylang - so soothing!

The other scents I like to have on nebulizer rotation are Mountain High and Liquid Sunshine. Odd choices I know, but I'm not a lavender fan at all so these ones appeal to me more. Mountain High contains spearmint, which is great for when I'm feeling under the weather as it helps clear sinuses, while Liquid Sunshine just makes me feel happy and relaxed!

Besides creating an inviting environment, I also like to take the time to prime my face and body for some overnight renewal. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, so it's the best time to pile on the skincare treatments. My skin has been very happy with this Nivea Sensitive Night Care cream, which I've reviewed before; it's formulated to soothe redness and it just leaves my face feeling super soft and silky. I also like to specially treat my hands and lips at night by coating them in extra-thick versions of my daytime creams and balms. I'm almost done working through the Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream which is my HG night hand treatment. It's super thick and smells just like almond pudding! My hands feel like they've undergone a massage every time I apply this. Finally, for the lips, I've been enjoying the Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm. Made with almost 80% natural ingredients, this honey-based lip balm literally coats my lips in moisture. I can now wear long-wear matte lipsticks with no problems!

Now, where were we: inviting environment - check. Pampered skin - check. Now the last piece is to quiet the mind. It's funny how little things can really help and there are two things in my bedtime routine that have really helped me. The first is to layout my outfit before I go to sleep; it shaves off a couple of minutes in the morning and it eliminates that nagging worry in my brain about what to wear. The second is to keep a daily journal. I've always loved to write and journaling is such a great outlet for all those random thoughts and emotions that you put off processing through the day. I'm still not into a good routine with journaling yet, but I try to do it at least a few times a week.

And that's my routine! Since changing things up, I've felt much better in the mornings and better able to deal with the day ahead. Now I'd love to know what your night-time rituals are, so please share in the comments!

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