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A good day for me is when I can start a makeup post with a cheesy reference, like this:

How could SST Cosmetics not think of this when naming their Powerplay Powerstay collection? Gawd, I hope it's not because none of them are old enough to get it! Anyways, I digress.

SST Cosmetics is a new brand to me, but one I've been hearing about over the last year from other bloggers. They're a Canadian makeup company started by Sharon Sharpe-Titus (thus, the SST), who is a makeup artist with over 16 years professional experience. Desiring a line of products that were safe for the environment and for clients, Sharon came up with SST Cosmetics.

The Powerplay Powerstay collection was created to provide a fast, easy and beautiful option for women on the go and for travel. The collection consists of just five pencils for your eyes, lips and brows. SST was kind enough to send me part of the collection to try and after a few weeks of use, I'm ready to report back with my thoughts!

SST shadow and lipstick crayons review

The items from the Powerplay Powerstay collection that I received were the Power Stay Highlight Stick in Glisten and the Power Stay Lipsticks in Euphoric and Willpower. Each item retails for $27.95

SST powerplay powerstay collection review
SST Cosmetics Powerplay Powerstay collection. Top to bottom: Glisten, Euphoric, Willpower

Glisten is a sparkly, medium opacity, white highlighting stick that can be used on your eyes, cheekbones and anywhere you want a little glow. I've never tried the famous NYX Milk pencil, but I imagine the texture and color payoff is similar to Glisten, except that Glisten is chock full of glitter. As I have a slightly warmer skin tone, I usually stay away from stark white highlights like this. As expected, Glisten was a bit too dramatic for me and the sparkles didn't help things either. This pencil would be great for more dramatic party looks, and it does work nicely along the lash line for a bit of extra shine, but I would never dare this use this anywhere else on my face. If you have a cooler skin tone though, and you enjoy creating more colorful looks, then this would be really handy to have in your collection. The wear time is pretty decent and it wasn't too hard to blend out, which is a plus as often I find shadow sticks difficult to blend.

Luckily things went better for me with the lipstick crayons! The lipsticks contain vitamin E and beeswax, so they go on smoothly without dragging and have a just shy of matte finish. Willpower is a classic deep red that is quite neutral so I think this would look good on both warm and cool tones. Euphoric is a bright, in-your-face magenta that is a lipstick lover's (aka me!) dream.

SST Cosmetis lipstick crayon swatches
Left to right: Glisten, Euphoric, Willpower - sorry no lip photos today as I'm getting over a breakout!

I've been wearing Willpower on its own and well blotted out to make a great daytime stain, while Euphoric has become my favourite base to pair with my browny nudes like ColourPop's Lippie Stix in Choker. Both lipsticks set in minutes and wear well for hours, although you should expect some transfer when eating and drinking. Since they're crayons, they're also very easy to apply and are great for getting into those lip corners. The only downside is that these lipsticks are not self-sharpening, so after awhile it gets trickier to get that really crisp lip line, but since most crayons have this downside, it's kind of par for the course.

Overall, I'm kind of on the fence with this collection. I would pass on Glisten as I don't think the target audience for this collection, who I'm assuming are people who just want easy wearable options for travel and the office, would not appreciate a sparkly highlight. The lipsticks too are a bit dramatic for office wear, but I still love them as I think they can be blotted out and they are such pretty, pigmented colors. Overall though, I think that the price point of almost $28 per stick is pretty steep considering the competitiveness of this market and I didn't see anything exceptional about this collection to make it stand out over the numerous other, more affordable options out there.

Final Verdict: Ditch

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