Valentine's Day Roundup | Pamper yourself in style

Valentine's Day is admittedly a pretty silly and exclusionary holiday, but I have to admit that I get caught up in it just like everyone else. Mr. Artist hates Valentine's Day so we don't usually do the whole flowers and chocolates thing, but I do enjoy using it as an excuse to doll myself up a little and eat somewhere nice!

For this year's Valentine's season, I thought it would be fun to roundup a few products that have inspired me to get into that "loving feeling." Whether you're single, coupled, or on the prowl, I think there's something here for everyone!

Lush Yes Yes Yes massage bar, $10.95

Nothing feels better than massaging out sore muscles after a long day. Lush has a great line of luxurious massage bars that can also double as body moisturizers. Yes Yes Yes is totally VDay appropriate with its cheeky name and its intoxicating mix of jasmine, rose, cocoa butter and vanilla. Simply use the warmth of your body to melt this into skin!

Odacite Pure Elements facial oils

Once your body is all nicely relaxed, it's time to start on the face and nothing feels more relaxing than a beautifully scented facial oil. Facial massage is supposed to work wonders on the skin and I love the idea of using only the best ingredients to do so. Recently I met up with Odacite to learn more about their brand and was really impressed by their commitment to creating pure, simple oils that don't contain any fillers. Whether you use these solo or as a booster to your other products, there is an oil out there to suit any skincare need. I'm particularly interested in the hyperpigmentation one!

Niod Photography Fluid, $30

If you do plan to go out on Valentine's Day, whether with a date or with friends, then be sure to look your best with the Niod Photography Fluid. I am so so excited to try this product out! It's kind of like a primer, but it can also be worn solo as your base, and is designed to subtly perfect your skin with an array of light-reflecting particles and tone-correcting ingredients.

Papyrus Date Night Idea Cards, $14.95

One of the reasons why I think guys hate Valentine's so much is because all the pressure is on them to step up and meet our crazy romantic expectations. Thanks to Youtube and Instagram, that pressure is higher than ever! Mr. Artist deals by opting out entirely, but perhaps something like these fun date night idea cards from Papyrus will help inspire both of us to do more than just usual dinner and a movie.

Luz de la Riva Lulu edible massage oil, $40

And if not... well, there's always this! Get your inner cougar on with this glam and tasty? edible massage oil from Luz de la Riva. This fragrance, cosmetics and accessories line specializes in products that promise to turn your ordinary Ikea bedroom into a sexy boudoir! Rawr!

How do you plan on spending Valentine's Day?

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