Odylique SuperFruit Concentrate Serum Review | Officially a game changer!

odylique super fruit serum and facial oil

Is the Odylique SuperFruit Concentrate a serum or a facial oil? Well, it doesn't really matter because I'm here to officially tell you that you need to get it right now.

Over the past year, I've been trying various products from organic skincare line Odylique and this is by far my favourite. Based out of the UK, Odylique is a small batch beauty brand that still operates out of their small Suffolk workshop. Handmade and containing mainly organic and naturally sourced ingredients, Odylique is making big waves in the eco-friendly beauty scene for their effective and homespun approach to beauty.

Their popular SuperFruit Concentrate is a serum/facial oil that promises smoother, more radiant skin and is made of 100% organic ingredients:
  • Avocado oil - a powerful emollient (seals in moisture) and antioxidant
  • Jojoba oil - a wonder ingredient that moisturizes, protects and repairs skin, while also being fast-absorbing and non-comedogenic
  • Pomegranate extract - encourages collagen production to fight wrinkles, regulates melanin production to fight hyper-pigmentation, and is also an antioxidant
  • Rosehip extract - contains high levels of vitamin C and beneficial fatty acids that fight signs of aging
  • Rosemary extract - an antimicrobial and antioxidant
  • Sea buckthorn fruit - a super fruit with antioxidant and AHA properties 
A 30 ml bottle costs £33.00 from Odylique's website, which comes out to $63 CAD. It's pricey, but for a serum of this quality, not unheard of.

I call the SuperFruit Concentrate a serum/facial oil because its consistency is just like a facial oil and you are only meant to use 1-2 drops of it for your entire face. It can be quite confusing to know at what step to use a serum or a facial oil and usually these two types of products come at different steps in your routine so needless to say, I was totally lost with how to use this product.

Odylique superfruit concentrate

Since I only read the bottle's label, which said serum, I took this to mean to apply it at the serum step, which generally is post-toner and pre-night cream. It was only after I looked again at the website, that I saw that Odylique instructs to use this as your last step! Oops, but oh well, it still works with either method I think. Using 2 drops as recommended, I spread the SuperFruit Concentrate between my fingertips and then massaged it into my skin before applying my night cream.

The texture of the SuperFruit Concentrate is like I said, very viscous, but unlike most facial oils I've tried, it is very difficult to spread. Partly this is due to using such a small amount, but also because this product doesn't contain any fillers which would help make it more slippery and spreadable. You have to work quickly to ensure that you can get full coverage when applying, so I like to concentrate it on my cheeks, smile lines and forehead. I also like to do a little facial massage when applying as I would with any oil, so that I encourage blood flow into my skin and I press out any collected toxins in my lymph nodes (don't quote on me this, but I've heard this works!).

Odylique super fruit serum review
So sad to waste such precious product for the sake of a swatch!

The SuperFruit Concentrate absorbed quickly into my skin, yet left it feeling soft and very very slightly tacky so that you still felt like you had applied something. Although you only apply very little, I did notice some slight yellow staining on my pillow that matched the bright orange color of this serum, so be forewarned to change your pillowcase often!

Thanks to the jojoba, the SuperFruit Concentrate didn't feel heavy on my face at all and it worked brilliantly on my skin. Since using this, my skin feels so soft and just downright supple. I love how it contains excellent ingredients and for a facial oil that is so key. With a lot of cheaper, lower quality oils, you'll see a lot of filler oil ingredients, which cause the oil to just sit on your skin not doing anything. With the SuperFruit Concentrate, I immediately feel my skin drinking it up and it truly moisturizes it instead of just being an occlusive layer; in fact, you could even use this one during the day, but I prefer to keep it as a special treatment at night.

Final Verdict
Buy - with all good stuff and none of the fluff, this serum oil means business and it makes my skin feel amazing. Worth every penny! 

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