Pure Hazelwood Moisturizing Lotion Review | Fusing traditional remedies with modern efficacy

pure hazelwood body lotion review

Pure Hazelwood is a Quebec beauty and lifestyle brand started by parents Genevieve Lagace and Patrick Lafond. Seeking a remedy to calm their teething baby, they turned to a hazelwood bracelet they had been gifted which claimed to have soothing powers and to their surprise, it really worked! From those accidental beginnings, the couple began researching into the healing powers of hazelwood and began making their own hazelwood jewelry and now skincare. Now, I'm pretty skeptical about the "healing powers" of wooden jewelry and healing gemstones, but a lotion? That I can get behind.

The Pure Hazelwood Moisturizing Lotion is a light-weight, non-greasy body lotion containing hazelwood extract. Traditionally, hazelwood was used by First Nations in a variety of ways, such as a cure for heart disease, toothache, eye disease, and intestinal issues. Topically though, hazelwood is mainly an anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.

Pure Hazelwood's hazelwood is harvested locally and each branch is individually inspected and dried before it is processed for use.

The Guts
The main ingredients in the Pure Hazelwood Moisturizing Lotion are:
  • Water
  • Sunflower seed oil - an emollient
  • Corylus cornuta extract aka hazelwood - a skin conditioner
  • Glycerin - a moisturizer
  • Sorbitol - a humectant and thickener
  • Cetyl alcohol - an emollient and emulsifier

Price & Packaging
A single 100 ml tube costs $7.99 and is available direct from Pure Hazelwood. Although 100 ml might seem like a lot, I would really like to see a 200 ml version of this cream as it's only taken me a few weeks to use up most of this tube!

As promised, the Pure Hazelwood Moisturizing Lotion offers a light-weight texture with lasting hydration. After a hot shower, this lotion felt very pleasant and cooling on my skin and it absorbed easily while leaving my skin with a slightly tacky velvety softness. I also really enjoyed the fresh, slightly floral scent of this lotion. I have no idea what hazelwood smells like, but if it smells like this, then sign me up for more!

Overall, I thought Pure Hazelwood Moisturizing Lotion would make a fantastic summer lotion, but for Canadian winters I think it's a bit too light. While I have no complaints about this lotion, there wasn't also anything that made me go "wow" and so I don't think personally I'd bother seeking this out for repurchase. There are just too many just as good options out there and this one is just run-of-the-mill, even though it does work.

Final Verdict
Buy - a hydrating, light lotion that smells good and isn't too expensive.

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