Canadian Beauty Blogger Love Part 4: E is for exfoliation and F is for fragrance

Welcome back for part 4 of a blogging project of mine where I'm working my way through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network directory in search of awesome new bloggers to follow. In this series I'll share some of my new and old favourites in hopes that you too can gain a new appreciation for all that our community has to offer! 

Kicking things off is Ella Pretty! I love Zeba's awesome photography and entertaining mix of fashion and beauty. The unifying theme of everything on her blog? It must be pretty! Zeba offers some great styling tips as well, including a recent post on how to restore a vintage purse, which had me itching to go out and condition all my bags asap! 

Image: Ella Pretty

Next is a blogger I've been reading for a long time, Stephanie of theFantasia. Stephanie's blog offers great reviews and advice on anything from lipsticks to travel - and she travels a lot! I do a lot of vicarious living through her posts on her travel to far-off places like Abu Dhabi and wearing luxurious Guerlain meteorite powders, of which she has multiples!

Image: theFantasia

Last, but definitely not least, is another one of my favourite bloggers, Stephanie of Fun Size Beauty! I discovered Steph's blog through working together on the CBB and she seems like the sweetest person ever. Her blog is full of fun makeup looks, mind-blowing nail art as well as goofy gifs, so how can you not love her? I'm also curious to see who would be smaller IRL?!?

Image: Fun Size Beauty

That's it for this round of my CBB series! Be sure to check us out online and read past installments of this series!

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