How to relax and look fresh faced when you feel anything but

Products to help you when you're stressed

The last couple weeks at work have been super busy for me, which means late hours, early mornings and days filled with people coming at me 8 hours straight. It's not a good sign when you start your actual work at 5pm and then you dream about work at night! Anyways, to keep me from not looking like death, I've been reaching for each of these products on the regular. Some help me relax and get a good night's sleep (the #1 best way to look fresh-faced) while others help me fake it until the weekend.

Products to help you relax

  1. The Happily Ever Ava sugar scrub in Lemon Vanilla is heaven in a jar. This all natural, handmade scrub contains exfoliating sugar and mango butter, shea butter and aloe butter to help you feel velvety smooth, but it's the incredible scent of this scrub that really helps me relax. I swear it smells just like lemon meringue pie! You'll want to just right into bed after using this one. Read my full review here.
  2. During the day, I rely heavily on my Saje aromatherapy oils in Stress Release and Peppermint Halo to keep me going. In the mornings and whenever I feel anxious, I love to slather Stress Release all over and let its soothing lavender, orange, chamomile and sage oils ease away my tension. Sure, I might smell weird to my coworkers, but screw it, I think an odd smelling coworker is better than a grouchy one! If I start to feel a tension headache coming on, then I immediately apply some Peppermint Halo to where it hurts and it just squashes that headache right away. Peppermint Halo contains oils of peppermint, eucalytus, rosemary and lavender and it has an immediate chilling sensation that works wonders. Read my full review of these and other Saje rescue oils here.

Products to help you look fresh-faced
  1. Stress and dry office air can leave you looking parched. Couple that with copious amounts of caffeine and your skin can start looking sallow and dehydrated. That's where the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask comes in. This wonder mask is a sleeping mask, meaning you just slather it on and call it a night, then wake up with silky, plump skin. 
  2. To fake looking awake and chipper, nothing helps like a good color corrector. I've recently jumped onto the color correcting bandwagon and have been using the lavender and peach shades of my NYX Color Correcting palette everyday! To brighten up my complexion, I've been generously smoothing the lavender shade across my cheeks and the center of my forehead, then applying the peach shade under my eyes. Lavender works wonders to cancel out yellowness and makes my skin appear fairer and more luminous, while peach counteracts dark under-eye circles. Read my full review of this palette here.
  3. Then to up the brightness even more, I layer my Burberry Fresh Glow foundation over top. This sheer-coverage, slightly watery foundation buffs into my skin so easily and is so light it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Lately I'd been feeling a bit over glowy foundations and craving a more matte look, but my work stress has gotten me fully back into the glow camp. GLOW ON LADIES! NEVER ENOUGH! Read my previous review of this foundation here.
  4. Finally, to really finish off that dewy, just moisturized look, I've been finishing things off with my L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Skin Perfecting Mist. This light hydrating mist gives skin a dose of moisture while also setting makeup. It also helps powder products melt into skin. Read my full review here.

What products do you use to look more awake?

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