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make up forever contour and highlight palette review

Contouring. Bronzing. Correcting. Highlighting. It's all rather confusing and full of gobbley-gook isn't it?

The sculpting trend has been around for years now, yet many of us (myself included) are still a little clueless and simultaneously fascinated by it. When you see someone doing contouring right, then it's pretty damn amazing. Like a painter at work, it is endlessly entertaining to see someone's face literally transform and that's why we see endless products get released to try and make it "simpler" for the lay(wo)man.

The latest iteration of this type of all-in-one kit, is the new Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting 4-in-1 Face Contouring Palette. Available exclusively at Sephora for $54 each, the Pro Sculpting Palette is a four pan palette that contains a satin highlight, a matte bronzer, a shimmery highlight and a complementing blush shade. Each shade is designed to work with the others to give you that perfectly chiseled look.

review of make up forever pro sculpting palette medium

The Pro Sculpting Palette comes in four shades, depending on your skin color: light, medium, tan and dark. From what I can tell, there's not much difference between light and medium, which is what I received, except that the highlight shades and the bronzer in the light palette are slightly more cool-toned. All of the pans are cream based and are designed to be long-lasting, easily blendable and to give a more natural finish than powders. The palette also comes with a super handy sculpting guide that shows you how to use each shade depending on your face shape (I'm an inverted triangle!)

make up forever pro sculpting palette guide

As I mentioned, I selected the medium shade palette to try. By far, the satin highlight and bronze shade outperformed the other two. The satin highlight was definitely my favourite shade in the palette, as it was really easy to work with, blended well with my skin tone and noticeably brightened my face wherever I applied it. My favourite way to work with the satin highlight, is to apply it in a large triangle under my eyes and it works wonders to make me look more awake and fresh!

The bronze shade as well was surprisingly decent. I was scared about using a cream bronzer, but it was actually fairly easy to work with, provided that you have a good damp sponge like a BeautyBlender or a buffing brush (like my new fave, the Sephora Classic Mini Multitasker Brush) to blend out any edges. The bronze shade was a warm brown on my skin with very little orange undertones and although it would apply dark, it blended out to be really subtle. I actually found that I usually needed to apply two layers of the bronzer to get the level of chisel I wanted!

Unfortunately where this palette fell a little flat for me was with the shimmer highlight and the blush. The shimmer highlight is basically the same color as the satin one, but with a bit more of a shimmery finish. This one was just meh for me as it was nowhere near as good as my powder highlights, but it does give a nice, slight dewiness to the skin. You could safely spackle this all over and never overdo it.

As for the blush shade, compared to the Ultra HD blushes (my favourite cream blush!) the blush shade on the Pro Sculpting Palette is sheerer and has a creamier finish, whereas the Ultra HD blush dries down to something slightly more powdery. I think this subtle difference actually effects the wear time on me; even though the Ultra HD doesn't last all day on me either, it lasted longer than the Pro Sculpting Palette blush. It's really a shame as I love the coral pink Make Up Forever chose for this palette; it's a universally flattering shade that's hard to overdo and it has a dewiness like the other pans in the palette that gives you such a pretty glow.

make up forever pro sculpting palette swatches in medium 30
Swatches! Left to right: Highlight, contour, shimmer highlight and blush

Even though half of the palette was so-so, I was still really happy with the texture and pigmentation of the Pro Sculpting Palette and my complaints about the shimmer and blush shade are pretty minor - kind of like squabbling over the differences between a B+ and an A-.

My only other complaint about this palette are about its packaging. I really wish that for $54, that Make Up Forever had invested in cooler, or at least sturdier packaging. The cheap plastic casing for this palette is straight-up drugstore and when I received mine, one of the pans had already popped out of place.

Overall though, I'm still a happy camper and would recommend trying this palette. Once I got the hang of where to place each shade, I was thrilled with the radiance and gentle sculpting it gave me. I looked like me, but better!

make up forever pro scultping palette in medium
Wearing all 4 shades according to the guide's placement

make up forever pro scultping palette in medium review

make up forever pro scultping palette in medium
Love the subtle contour!

Final Verdict
Buy - pricey, but worth it as this is a one-stop shop for all you need if you're seeking subtle contouring and a healthy glow.

*This post contains PR samples

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