Roger & Gallet x Cadeaux Bakery Event | A perfect French morning in Vancouver

roger & gallet with cadeaux bakery vancouver

When it comes to being chic and elegant, it always seems like the French are a step ahead of everyone else. They just seem to know how to live a little better than the rest of us, doesn't it? I mainly get my dose of French style through experiencing French beauty products, such as the morning I joined French perfumery and skincare brand, Roger & Gallet at their Vancouver boutique inside The Hudson's Bay downtown for a morning brunch and presentation.

Alongside a slew of fellow bloggers and media, I nibbled on scones and sparkling water while learning more about the history of this long-running perfume house. Roger & Gallet was founded in 1862 by merchant Charles Armand Roger and banker Charles Martial Gallet after the duo purchased the fragrance business of Jean Marie Farina, who at the time was well-known for their fragrances. From these mercantile beginnings, Roger & Gallet have grown into an exclusive line of French fragrances, soaps, hand creams, and bath products.

roger & gallet boutique in vancouver

If you haven't yet seen it, then you have to visit the bright and beautiful Roger & Gallet boutique in the Granville location of The Bay. Simultaneously cozy, yet spacious, the Roger & Gallet in-store boutique contains displays of all their products. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to browse fully as the event soon started after I arrived.

In an example of truly serendipitous collaborations, Roger & Gallet had partnered with local French bakery, Cadeaux to host the event. Everyone received a super pretty box  filled with Roger & Gallet goodies and a mini-cookie set complete with 3 pipettes of icing from Cadeaux! We also got to try a set of goodies specially prepared by Cadeaux to evoke the feeling of Roger & Gallet's fragrances:

roger & gallet with cadeaux bakery vancouver
  • A white chocolate fig and bourbon truffle to evoke the Fleur de Fig fragrance
  • A bittersweet chocolate cake with rose essence butter cream
  • A jasmine osmanthus cream tart with fresh mandarin and grapefruit to evoke the Fleur d'osmanthus scent
  • A pate de choux filled with lychee, pomegranate mousse and fresh pomegranate seeds to evoke the freshness of the Gingembre rouge scent
roger & gallet at the bay vancouver

Everything of course was amazingly presented and tasted divine. Diet be damned, these beauties were so rich and too pretty not to taste! 

Once safely home, I later tried piping my own buttercream cookies... to very little success. Piping is a lot harder than it looks! Whatev, it's all the same in the stomach right? 

roger & gallet hand creams
Left to right: Roger & Gallet hand creams in Gingembre Rouge, Rose and Fleur de Figuier
Rose was the lightest cream of the three. Each cream had a light, fresh scent. 

roger & gallet fragrance waters
Left to right: Roger & Gallet Fragrant Water Sprays in Fleur de Figeur and Gingembre Rouge
I loved Fleur de Figeur as it's a mix of fruit and floral notes, while Gingembre Rouge has a deeper floral note to it that feels very womanly

roger & gallet at the bay vancouver
Everything was so gorgeously packaged! 

roger & gallet at the bay vancouver
My Roger & Gallet cookie kit! The buttercream was so delicious, I wanted to pipe it straight into my mouth

Have you tried Roger & Gallet yet? 
Let me know your thoughts!

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