#ACILovesSummer Beauty Preview Ft. Stila, CLEAN, Paul & Joe, Korres and Bliss! *warning: image heavy*

May means warmer temps, longer days so I have more time to walk the dog, and of course, more beauty events! All my favourite brands have a ton of new goodies coming out this summer and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of them a couple weeks ago at the ACI Beauty Preview. ACI is the parent firm that manufactures many popular brands, including Stila, Paul & Joe, CLEAN, Korres, Bliss, Anna Sui and many more. I love attending their events as it's like being a kid in a candy shop as we get to play with all the new items before anyone else, although this time around, many of these items were already on store shelves as the event covered both spring and summer launches.

Anyhoo, enough blabbing and let's get on to the goodies shall we?

clean reserve perfume

First up, some new goodies from my favourite perfume line, CLEAN! Their new Reserve collection is now also available in two smaller versions: a set of sample vials and travel-sized 0.34 oz bottles. The travel sized minis are almost exact replicas of their full sized counterparts with the same sustainable wood caps and recycled glass bottles. I absolutely adore this line. Each scent is very unique and so wearable and really feels a step above the regular CLEAN fragrances, which are already among my favourites.

korres rose oil

Next, Korres is a brand I'm not too familiar with, but I am so excited to try out this beautiful Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil. The bottle as you can see, contains real rose petals and contains Korres own vitamin C boosters that increase your skin's absorption of this super antioxidant by 1000%!

Besides the Wild Rose line, which I couldn't stop cooing over, Korres also was showcasing their regular line of creams, body washes and body butters, all of which are packaged just beautifully in very artistic looking packaging.


On the other end of spectrum, Bliss opted to put its money on innovative gadgets this season, with their spa tool series. The Sweeping Beauty device is Bliss' rendition of a Clarisonic with a unique angled brush designed to get into every crevice. Each kit contains 2 brush heads, a cleanser and a stand-up charging station.

bliss sweeping beauty

Next here is the neatest gadget ever - Bliss' Climate Control wand is a hot and cold device designed to open and close pores. Yes, much side-eye at these claims, but if it works, then it is definitely one of the most interesting devices out there. Simply switch on the heat and press the metallic plate gently against skin to open pores before deep-cleaning and applying creams. Then, switch on the cool side to reduce redness, puffiness and tighten pores. The wand heats and cools very quickly and isn't so hot or cold that it is unpleasant to use.

bliss cleansing face brush

Besides gadgets though, Bliss also showed off their usual line of skincare and mask solutions. The most interesting to me was the new Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist, which promises to restore hydration and protect skin from environmental aggressors - definitely a handy thing to have in dry summer weather!

bliss facial mist

Moving on from skincare, there were also many new makeup launches, starting with Paul & Joe! I absolutely adore everything by Paul & Joe, at the very least because it's all just so damn pretty. Case in point, these adorable eye and cheek trios. Each come in a sleek cardboard palette with three different fun prints. As you can tell, the cheek based ones contain a blush and contour shade, but my eye is drawn the most to that pretty pink and green eye palette!

paul and joe eye and cheek palettes summer 2016

paul and joe eye and cheek palettes

paul and joe cat lipsticks
Cat lipsticks!
Last, but not least, is Stila and their awesome lineup of new makeup goodies. First up, a repackaging of the Stay All Day foundation. Stila has repackaged all their products in sleek metallic gold exteriors and the foundation now features a press-down pump that dispenses product into a little donut-shaped well, the idea being that a pump is more hygenic and will ensure no air enters the bottle. Seems pretty neat, but also a little messy?

stila stay all day foundation

The next two items from Stila though have got me so excited! First is their new Perfect Hue, Perfect Me eye and cheek palettes. Seems like there's a trend this season to emphasize travel-ready products eh? Well, these ones look just stunning. Unlike most brands who tailor palettes to eye colors, Stila has decided to base theirs on skin tone, which is just brilliant. The palettes come in four different shades: fair-light, light-medium, medium-tan and deep, which is quite confusing, but offer a good range of colors. All the palettes lean very rosy and warm-toned except for the lightest shade, as they're designed to be fool-proof and for use in summer. I have my eye on getting either the medium-tan or deep version as the colors look like they'd just add such a perfect hint of warmth to my skin!

stila perfect me perfect hue palette

stila perfect me perfect hue palette in deep

And finally, here is the other cool release from Stila for summer: a new all-in-one color correcting palette. I'm fully on board the color correcting train and this one had me squeeing all over. It comes with a super-handy guide and contains all the colors you need to get flawless skin. Unlike other palettes I've seen, this one contains both powder and creams, but I was assured by the Stila rep that this it is totally workable to layer creams and powders on top of each other, so long you buff in each layer properly.

stila color correcting palette

And that's all the latest goodies coming your way! Which ones are you most excited to try?

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