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annabelle waterproof liquid eyeliner review

I am unabashedly a liquid liner girl. Sure, pencils are probably more versatile since you can smudge them and blend them in a variety of ways, but there's just something so damn pulled together and sexy about a really good looking slash of liquid eyeliner. That's why I'm always on the hunt for cool new liquid liners to try and if they're affordable too, that just makes it all the better!

Recently, I got to try out two shades from Annabelle's new-ish Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners. Although they've had liquid eyeliners out for quite awhile, I think the waterproof version is somewhat new this year and having waterproof versions of stuff is so handy to have as summer inches closer.

The two shades I received to try are Bronze and Black Star. Bronze is a warm, slightly coppery brown, while Black Star is a soft black-grey. There is also a third shade in the line, Blue Spark, that is a brilliant bright blue. Each liner is $8.95 and is available at most drugstores in Canada, or online if you're in the states.

annabelle waterproof liquid eyeliner in bronze and black star
Left to right: Bronze and Black Star

Most of the packaging of these liners is taken up by the ultra-long, pointed lid. I like the look of these standing up and how the lid reflects the liner's color, but since I usually just store my makeup in a box, I kinda wish these liners were a slim pencil shape so it wouldn't take up so much room.

The liner brush tip itself is also not my favourite. It's not a brush or a felt sponge tip, but rather like a... really hard felt tip? Okay, if you pressed it against your skin as I did when I did these swatches, then you can see the tip bend, but on delicate eye skin, this tip felt really hard and stiff. As it's so stiff, it makes me feel that it is more prone to streakiness, plus the product itself tends to glom onto the wand more as opposed to being absorbed by the brush hairs or felt sponge for a more even coverage. What this all means is that if you don't thoroughly brush off excess product back into the bottle, that you will end up with huge blobs of liner mistakenly applied all into your eyelashes and you'll crease your liner like hell if you've got hooded eyes like me. Even in my swatches you can see how thick and gloopy this liner comes out as and I feel this is totally due to the wand.

annabelle waterproof liquid eyeliner review

Once you do vigorously brush off the excess though, this liner does work pretty well. The color is very pigmented and sets in seconds. I haven't had a chance to test how waterproof it is, but I can say that it is really hard to wash off and you will need a good cleansing oil to remove it, so I think it's safe to say you don't have to worry much about smudging or fading.

I love using the Bronze shade for an easy everyday eye as it has a hint of sparkle in it that gives my eyes some light and it pairs really well with the warmer tones I've been favoring lately. I was also surprised by how much I liked the gray Black Star shade as well. I've never used a gray liquid liner before and I liked how it gave my eyes definition, but not in as harsh a way as a black liner does.

Overall, if you're on the hunt for cheap, long-lasting liquid eyeliners, then I'd definitely try these ones out. Unfortunately I probably wouldn't repurchase these myself as I just hate that wand tip, but that could be personal preference. As far as drugstore liners go, these are pretty decent.

Final Verdict
Buy - you get ultra-pigmented color that stays put all day. The applicator is really annoying, but it's still workable and for the price I think it's still worth it.

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