Girls Tea Date at Adorabelle Tea Room

adorabelle tea salon

One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon is sipping tea with friends. I love the whole experience of going for high tea: the dressing up, the fancy dishware, the precisely put together miniature bites of food, just everything about it is so elegant and pretty and makes my inner girly-girl go squee!

Last month, Sheila, Angela and I ventured out to Steveston on a bright sunny day to Adorabelle Tea Room. Located in a cozy little old courthouse, Adorabelle is a little hard to find, but so charming inside. The interior is cloaked in pink everything and floral tea cups adorn the walls. There are only a few tables inside, so it's best to book ahead.


Adorabelle offers three types of high tea service: full (adult), senior and child. As well, the full service also offers a "deconstructed" option that is smaller and cheaper. I really appreciated the variety of serving options as I haven't noticed that at many other tea shops and it's a nice touch to accommodate lighter appetites. Of course, since I'm rarely in Steveston at all, I had to go with the full serving option!

For $30, the full tea service includes (and this is based off my memory and photos sorry!):
  • egg salad sandwich on white bread
  • cream cheese and asparagus sandwich on brown bread
  • asiago cheese scone sandwich with smoked salmon mousse
  • some sort of baked cheese biscuit
  • a mini savoury cupcake 
  • two freshly baked scones with cream, jam and honey
  • meringue
  • strawberry with cream
  • poppy seed cookie
  • chocolate cake
  • a pot of loose-leaf tea of your choice
savouries at adorabelle high tea

adorabelle high tea scones

high tea at adorabelle steveston

Adorabelle's tea menu isn't so large that it's overwhelming, but is varied enough that you have plenty to choose from, whatever your taste preference. While Sheila and Angela went for the fruity and crisp passionfruit green tea, I opted for the Paris black tea, which is a creamy mix of caramel, bergamot and currant.

tea date at adorabelle

While not the biggest tea service I've eaten, it was still plenty enough to fill me up. Highlights for me were of course the scones with plenty of cream and honey. I think I could make do with just scones and tea, screw the rest! Tea shops should really offer an option of just that! After the scones, I really enjoyed the asiago cheese scone sandwich. 

adorabelle tea salon

adorabelle tea salon

All in all, the items at Adorabelle aren't super original, but I think it's more the ambiance and location that are the reasons it's worth a visit. It's pretty hard to beat spending an afternoon strolling along the Steveston quay and peeking into the various shops in the village. I can't wait till our next weekend outing!

adorabelle tea date on just j

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