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Orchids have always had a special spot in my life. I grew up seeing my grandfather growing them, I wore them in my hair for grad and of course orchids always remind me of Hawaii, where they grow in abundance. I even had orchids at my wedding!

Orchids are known for symbolizing beauty and love, but did you know that even the color of the orchid denotes different meanings too? Apparently, pink and white orchids symbolize innocence and love. Purple orchids are the color of royalty and therefore symbolize respect and elegance, while red orchids represent passion and desire. Lastly, yellow and green orchids, not that I've ever seen these, represent friendship and good health.

demeter orchid collection giveaway

With their new Orchid collection, Demeter has explored all these unique aspects of this tropical flower. There are five scents so far in the collection, with more to come in the future:
  • Twilight Orchid - a sensuous mix of red ginger orchid and midnight orchid alongside warm amber, oud and lightened with notes of pink grapefruit and jasmine
  • Calypso Orchid - evoking the sensation of "bathing in orchid petals", this scent is a single note fragrance featuring this bright pink flower
  • Aphrodite's Slipper - is a spicy floral with notes of honey and green grass
  • Cattleya Orchid - the "Queen of the Orchids," this one is described as a creamy floral grounded with spicy patchouli
  • To Yo Ran Orchid - is a light, green and citrusy orchid scent ideal for daytime wear
Each scent in the collection is available as a 1 oz cologne spray ($20), a 4 oz cologne spray ($39), a 0.5 oz purse spray ($12) and as a 0.1 oz sample vial spray ($3.50). 

Unlike most Demeter scents, the Orchid collection features a unique artistic label that highlights the beauty of the flowers they seek to evoke. I think I actually prefer the minimalistic look of the classic Demeter bottles, but these do look quite pretty still when placed all together.

Besides purchasing these individually, you can also purchase three of these scents as a nifty trio! These limited edition trios retail for $35 and contain three of the 1 oz bottles, which is a fantastic deal. Demeter was kind enough to send me a trio to try as well as one to giveaway!

My trio contained full sized bottles of Twilight, To Yo Ran and Aphrodite's Slipper scents. Like most Demeter scents I found these had a shorter than normal wear time, with To Yo Ran disappearing within an hour. I also found that the scents changed quite a bit on my skin versus how they smelled on the swatch stick, so I've been using these mainly as room fragrances. I'm not sure if it's just reacting funny to my body lotion though, so I'm still in the midst of trying these out more fully.

The most wearable out of the trio was Twilight, which is a beautiful smelling creamy floral. There's a strong warm undercurrent to this one that comes off as distinctly vanilla to me. Twilight was the most appealing to me at the moment as it reminds me of my new favourite combo, which is Demeter's Jasmine + Vanilla Ice Cream. Twilight is a very sensual yet light scent, which makes me feel very ingenue. I think it would be great for those who love florals and gourmands.

To Yo Ran on the other hand, is way at the other end of the spectrum. To Yo Ran has a very fresh, green scent with just a hint of citrus and floral. A perfect summer fragrance, To Yo Ran is such a light, breezy scent that it would be super easy for even people who hate perfumes to wear. The only sad thing was that it fades really fast so you'd need to reapply this every few hours.

Lastly, Aphrodite's Slipper was a pleasant surprise to me. I wasn't expecting to like this one at all based on its description, but Aphrodite's Slipper wasn't spicy at all to me. Rather, Aphrodite's Slipper felt the most "orchid" to me and instantly transported me back to the lush, humid climes of Hawaii. If you're familiar with Hawaiian flowers at all, I'd say Aphrodite's Slipper smells like a muted version of pikake flowers. I couldn't stop sniffing this one as I was just entranced by its moist, greenness.

If I had to rank these, I'd put Aphrodite's Slipper as #1, then Twilight and To Yo Ran, which is totally opposite of what I would have thought! Each is quite unique from the other and out of these five there's surely something for everyone, so what are you waiting for - enter the giveaway to get your own trio and get out to your local Demeter retailer to try some yourself!

Please note that this contest is open to Canadians only as I will be shipping the prize myself!
Update May 23: Demeter has kindly opened this giveaway to Americans as well so I have extended the deadline to enter to June 10!

* This post features PR samples

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