Marcelle Perfect Brow Gel Review | No more excuses for undone brows with this wonder gel!

My mornings are a study in time optimization. I do all I can to optimize my morning routine so that I can sleep in until the last possible moment. This includes planning out my outfits and showering the night before, as well as investing in quicker ways to do my makeup.

Although I don't always wear a full "face" to work, I do like to have my brows defined and neat as doing my brows goes a LONG way to making me look put together. How did I live before I discovered brow products?! Unfortunately, filling in my brows with a pencil or powder does take a precious couple minutes, so that's where brow gels come in, like the new Perfect Brow Gel from Marcelle.

marcelle perfect brow gel

This egonomically designed brow gel is tinted so that it provides volume, color and also helps to comb your brow hairs into place. The Marcelle Perfect Brow Gel comes in two shades: light-medium and medium-dark and features a neat angled spoolie wand to make it easier to get right into your arch. Like most Marcelle eye products, the Perfect Brow Gel is ophthalmologist tested and is safe for sensitive eyes. It's also hypoallergenic and gluten-free, which I still don't understand why is a thing, but sure why not!

I received the shade Medium-Dark to try and it's a dark brunette color with neutral undertones. Medium-Dark matches perfectly with my natural hair color, which I'm so thankful for. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a neutral or cool toned dark brow pencil or shadow! The Perfect Brow Gel is also pretty pigmented! A couple of swipes and instantly my brows look fuller and much more defined, thanks to that handy angled wand. If you want a lighter look, you could probably just dip your wand once into the tube to cover both brows, but I'm always paranoid the color will look uneven, so I dip twice.

marcelle perfect brow gel in medium dark review
Wearing the Marcelle Perfect Brow Gel in medium-dark on the left and bare brows on the right

I love how the Perfect Brow Gel doesn't leave my brows feeling crunchy or stiff, yet the hold is awesome. My brows stay put all day and the color doesn't fade either. And the best part? It literally takes only a few seconds to do!

The only downsides with this product is that it can get a little messy on the edges if the wand accidentally brushes against your skin and you won't get that super defined line that you can with a pencil or shadow. My favourite way to resolve this is to first define the outline of my brows with brow powder (or you could use a pencil) and then fill them in with the gel. Then I'll clean up the edges with a bit of concealer, which also gives my arches a nice, natural highlight.

You can purchase the Marcelle Perfect Brow Gel in most drugstores for $12.95.

Final Verdict
Buy - an affordable product that can help even the most makeup-challenged get full, defined brows.

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*This post features PR samples

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