THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask Review | Get smoother feet in just 1 week!

THEFACESHOP smile peeling foot mask

If I were a house in Game of Thrones, my words would be "Summer is coming" because summer is my favourite season! One of my favourite parts of summer is oddly enough not having to wear socks. Is there anything more carefree than free toes and shoes you can kick off without a care?

To get my feet ready for the sunshine season, I decided to try out THEFACESHOP's Smile Foot Peeling Mask. This peeling foot mask is an intensive treatment for your feet that promises to give you soft baby feet in just one week.

How it works is that inside each pack you have 2 socks and 2 packets of solution. Simply empty the solution into the socks, tie the socks closed, and chill out for an hour. After your time is up, remove the socks, rinse, and within a few days, all the dead skin and calluses will peel right off!

The Guts
THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask primarily contains:
  • Water
  • Glycerin - a moisturizer
  • Butylene glycol - helps other ingredients penetrate more easily into skin
  • Cetearyl alcohol - an emollient and emulsifier
  • Cetyl ethylhexanoate - lubricates skin and removes dry patches
Other ingredients of note are mineral oil (emollient), shea butter (moisturizing), urea (moisturizing, exfoliating), and salicylic acid (exfoliating). I do recall the box stating that this product contained glycolic acids, but I don't see it in the ingredients listed online.

THEFACESHOP smile foot mask review

Price & Packaging
As I mentioned, each pack contains 2 large plastic socks and 2 packs of peeling solution. The socks work well enough and are massive so it should fit all sizes of feet. Each sock has a tearaway band that is sticky on one side so you can fasten the socks closed, which is handy. A pack will cost you $14 which is fairly expensive for a sheet mask, but is worth it in my opinion as the results will last you a long time.

It's best to use these masks when you have nowhere to go and before the weather warms up too much and you'll be wearing sandals all the time. I found putting on the socks and opening the solution packs simple enough, but do be forewarned that there is a LOT of solution in each pack! I accidentally spilled some of mine all over my bathroom floor, which was a pain to mop up. A whole solution pack was enough to cover the bottom of my socks and slightly immerse my feet. Then it was simply a waiting game to see my results.

While wearing the mask, I did notice some slight tingling on my skin, but nothing too annoying. Right after the treatment, my feet didn't look red or irritated and I didn't notice any effects just yet. About 3-4 days after though, it was a different story! All the dead skin was peeling off everywhere on my toes, the balls and heels of my feet. Even some of the skin on top of my feet was peeling away and revealing softer, newer skin underneath. It's pretty tempting to just pick away at all that dead skin, but try to restrain yourself as you could accidentally pull off too much skin and leave yourself with a painful cut, which I know from experience! After a few more days of peeling, my feet were back to normal and felt noticeably softer and smoother! 

THEFACESHOP peeling foot treatment review

I'm pretty impressed with my results with THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask and would definitely use these again if I have a big event to go to or right before I go on a beach vacation. 

Final Verdict
Buy - a quick, easy and painless way to get smoother feet with minimal effort.

* This post contains PR samples

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