DHC Olive Body Butter Review | A summer moisture quencher

dhc olive body butter review

When it comes to moisturizers, body butters are the cavalry. They are your heavy-duty artillery, fighting off any signs of flakes, cracks and itchy, dry skin. As I have a love for soft skin and hot showers, I love using rich, thick moisturizers, but I don't often use body butters as I find them messy to use compared to a lotion; however I can always make an exception when it comes to Japanese skincare line, DHC.

DHC is a very popular Japanese skincare line known for their olive oil inspired products and their DHC Olive Body Butter is a luxurious body moisturizer containing just that, plus seven natural botanicals to repair, rejuvenate and hydrate dry skin.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this body butter are:

  • Water
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - a lightweight silicone that creates a smooth, silky surface on the skin
  • Cocoa seed butter - a natural emollient (seals in moisture) that also contains a high level of antioxidants
  • Shea butter - a rich emollient that helps skin repair itself, prevents UV damage and contains anti-aging antioxidants
  • Glycerin - a humectant (draws moisture into skin)
Other ingredients of note include olive oil (moisturizing), coconut oil (moisturizing), avocado oil (moisturizing), squalane (hydrating), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) and argan oil (moisturizing).

Price & Packaging
A 3.5 oz tub of the DHC Olive Body Butter retails for around $20. You can get DHC online, at T&T supermarkets and Asian beauty stores. 

Considering the price, I think only getting 3.5 oz of product is pretty stingy, so if you want to make this last longer, I wouldn't use it everyday or over your entire body. The packaging itself though is very cute with a sweet floral pattern on the lid. I also think it's really smart how they made the lid grooved so it's easier to open when your hands are wet. 

Like most body butters, the DHC Olive Body Butter has a very hard surface that takes some warming up to use. One of the reasons why I'm not a big body butter fan is that I just end up using them up super fast as I tend to dig out chunks of butter at a time, so it's hard to get even application everywhere. 

That being said, the DHC Olive Body Butter is really enjoyable to use. It has a light fruity-floral scent that's very pleasant and uplifting. Once you do get it warmed up, it does melt really nicely into skin and leaves it feeling very hydrated and soft. Unlike most body butters I've tried, I think the DHC Olive Body Butter is one of the lightest body butters I've used. Yes, it does feel rich, but it doesn't leave that heavy stickiness that takes forever to absorb. Rather, the DHC Olive Body Butter absorbs quickly and with much less tackiness than other heavy moisturizers. I think this butter would be excellent in the summer where your skin may be dry but you don't want to feel really sticky after. 

My biggest complaint though is that the DHC Olive Body Butter is great for the body, but not strong enough to tackle my really dry parts, like my feet. Since I wear sandals everyday in summer, my feet get more dry and the DHC Olive Body Butter doesn't have enough oomph to make any lasting effect on my dry heels and soles. 

Final Verdict
Ditch - it's easy enough to get a moisturizer that's just as effective, but much cheaper so I'm going to have to give a pass on this one, even though it is quite nice. I probably wouldn't repurchase this unless I was traveling and needed more moisturizer than I could bring in a travel-sized bottle.

* This post features PR samples

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