Kiko Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush Review | My first Kiko product!

Kiko cheeky colour creamy blush review

Kiko Cosmetics is a Milan-based makeup line known for their vibrant colors and stellar formulas. Kiko isn't available here in Canada, so my only exposure to the brand was through other bloggers. Imagine my glee then when one of the bloggers at the last CBB swap brought in a bunch of brand new Kiko products! The first thing that caught my eye out of her swap pile was this beautiful and downright chibi-like cream blush stick.

Apparently launched as part of Kiko's limited edition Sportproof collection in 2014, the Kiko Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush is the cutest cream blush I've seen. I couldn't find a lot of English reviews on these, but from what I can tell, these blushes come in four summer-ready colours and offer long-lasting wear with bright color. I'm not sure the exact shade I got, but it's marked as #3 on the bottom of the tube and I would describe it as a vibrant red-based coral.

Kiko cheeky colour creamy blush review

As I have midget hands, the Kiko Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush fits perfectly in my palm. It has a unique wide and rounded top that makes it ideal for swiping across cheeks. You can either swipe a quick stripe across cheeks or dab color onto apples, then use either your fingers or a brush to blend. Whether you use fingers or a dense blending brush, it doesn't matter as the blush will blend easily; just be quick about it as this blush does set quickly.

I find a lot of cream blushes apply vibrant and then fade quickly, but the Kiko Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush is pretty true-to-pan. The color lasts well throughout the day, but does fade on me after the 5-6 hour mark and it has a matte finish.

For a first encounter with Kiko, I'm pretty pleased! This blush is such a fun color, is easy to apply and looks absolutely great for summer-kissed skin.

Kiko cheeky colour creamy blush swatch

Final Verdict
Buy - creamy colour that wears well and applies true-to-pan. It hasn't converted me into a cream blush stan, but it's one of the better cream blushes I've tried!

Have you tried Kiko before? What do you recommend?

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