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Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid Review

Since about a third of my readers are Americans, you probably won't get this post title, but it's a French expression that means something akin to in-between good and bad and it perfectly describes my thoughts of the Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid!

I picked up this product at a swap awhile back with my fellow CBB members. With summer coming, I was on the hunt for a good matifying, yet lightweight primer to keep me from, as Mr. Artist describes it, looking a shiny bowling ball, and this seemed to fit the bill.

The Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid is a hydrating matifying primer that claims to create a breathable layer over top of skin, smoothing out skin's surface while providing moisture and preventing excess shine. It also contains vitamins C and B5, cucumber extract and aloe vera to provide skincare benefits as well and like most Marcelle products, this fluid is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in the Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid are:
  • Water
  • Silica - an emollient that forms a protective, yet permeable layer over skin. It helps smooth our scars and wrinkles while allowing beneficial skincare ingredients to absorb efficiently. Silica and silicone products get a bad rep, but seems like opinion is sweeping back in favour as sources online like Paula's Choice state that silica is non-comedogenic and won't "suffocate" your skin 
  • Butylene glycol - an emollient and solvent that gives products a slippery feel
  • Glycerin - a humectant that helps draw moisture to skin
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - a silicone that helps create a smooth surface to skin, temporarily plumping up fine lines and creates a protective barrier
Other ingredients of note include camellia oleifera leaf extract (astringent), aloe vera juice (moisturizing), cucumber extract (soothing), sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing), algae extract (moisturizing, antioxidant).

Price & Packaging
A 50 ml tube costs around $24 depending on where you buy it and is available in most drugstores like London Drugs and online via Marcelle's website. Like most drugstore products, the packaging isn't anything to write home about. The Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid comes in a slim pump bottle with a somewhat flimsy plastic cap. I'd be careful taking this one travelling as the cap tends to slip off.

I was a little hesitant to use this, or most matifying products, as they tend to be heavy on the 'cones, which I believed to suffocate my skin. After doing some more research online though, it seems like my concerns could be unfounded as apparently silicones shouldn't clog pores unless you just never wash your face, nor should it cause allergic reactions. I suppose if you really believe in letting your skin "breathe" then you probably shouldn't wear any makeup or emollients at all and we all know that's not happening anytime soon with me at least! 

However even though I'm tentatively changing my mind about silicones, it doesn't mean I'm going to start favouring heavy feeling primers anytime soon. What I love about the Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid is that it feels light-as-air and not occlusive at all, despite its primary ingredients being silicones. After applying my usual moisturizers, I will slather this product all over my face, wherever I experience excess shine. 

The Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid absorbs quickly and provides an excellent base for makeup. The pump is a little stiff, so don't worry about over-pumping. I like to use one pump for my forehead, another for my nose and cheek area closest to my nose and a half pump for my chin. 

You can apply makeup right after applying the Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid and it gives my skin a really nice satin, but not matte, finish. I've been using this primer (it's not called a primer, but it basically is) ever since I got it over a month ago and I am mildly impressed with its results. Even over sunscreen, the Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-light Matifying Fluid does reduce shine and the effects last for about 4-5 hours. I notice by the end of the workday that I'm as shiny as usual, but I think you could probably reapply this over top of light makeup without any issues if you wanted to touch up mid-day. 

I've heard that using matifying products over time can actually increase sebum production so I really appreciate that Marcelle included some moisturizers to help balance things out. While I wish it lasted longer, I would recommend this primer if you have somewhat oily skin and you want a somewhat glowy finish. If you have very oily skin or are just really into a matte look, then this for sure won't be strong enough for you.

Final Verdict
Buy - a light as air primer that helps eliminate mild to moderate shine for a few hours.

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