Review Redo Featuring Real Techniques, The Body Shop and Stila

Review redo june 26

It's literally been almost a year since my last review re-do post. I had so much fun doing it previously that I had always had it on my to-do list to do another and now finally here it is!

As a beauty blogger I get to try out a lot of products, and even though I try my best to try out everything long enough to make a valid judgement on it, some things change over time, whether it be that I discover that a dud is actually a stud, or my own preferences change.

This time around I'm featuring some summer essentials I've rediscovered/re-fallen in love with again and I thought I'd share them with you all today!

Redo #1: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
What it is: A cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender. This miracle sponge is designed to be used damp and helps give you a truly airbrushed finish to your foundation. You can use it with liquid, cream and powder products (although powder I think it's best to use the sponge dry).

My original thoughts: Pure love. Back when I tried this sponge out in 2014, I found it super easy to use and it really does melt your foundation into your skin for a dewy, fresh-faced finish.

Original verdict: Buy

Current thoughts: The love is still going strong! I recently repurchased this sponge as you can buy 2 for under $20 at London Drugs right now and I've been using it everyday. I use this handy sponge to stipple foundation all over as well as to apply concealer using the pointed end. Although I'm a huge fan of my Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush, I find it doesn't always blend super well in the tiny nooks of my nose and if I have any dryness there, my foundation tends to clump up, but with the RT sponge, I just get flawless blending. I think it's the dampness that really helps smooth over any dry patches and makes my foundation look like a second skin.

New verdict: Buy

Redo #2: Stila Lash Stunner Extreme Lash Primer
What it is: A tinted mascara primer that contains straight and spherical fibers to help elongate your eyelashes, add volume, increase wear time and condition with jojoba and sweet almond oil.

My original thoughts: When I tried this primer out last year, it did prove to live up to all its claims, but at $34 I was too skeptical to consider it worth recommending. Why splurge on a primer when you can spend a similar amount of money on an actually good mascara?

Original verdict: Ditch

Why I'm changing my mind: Well, I've continued to use this mascara primer off and on since then and I now fully get it! So many mascaras just don't work on me. Either they melt right off, leaving me with raccoon eyes, or they're way too heavy and leave my lashes deflated and spidery. With this mascara primer I never have to worry about this problem ever again. I can buy the cheapest, lamest mascara and still make it work with just a couple swipes of this wonder wand. I still think it's way pricey, but now I don't view it as a nice-to-have as much anymore. Plus, it's lasted so long that the price doesn't hurt as much either!

New verdict: Buy

Redo #3: The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick
What it is: A creamy sheer lipstick that is both moisturizing and colorful. Available in 26 summer-ready pinks and reds, this is no-brainer lip color at its best.

My original thoughts: I wasn't a fan of the bullet shape or its sheer wash of color, but I did appreciate the shine and moisture it gave my lips and while I wasn't blown away by it, I thought it was a good option for low-maintenance lipstick wear.

Original verdict: Buy

Current thoughts: Although I am and always will be a lover of pigmented, one-swipe lipsticks, I'm beginning to come around to the idea that yes, sheer lipsticks do have a place in life thanks to this lipstick. With the warm, hazy weather, I've been leaning more towards light, fresh makeup looks and this lipstick is perfect for giving my pout just enough tint to perk up my features. It also has a pretty glossiness to it that isn't sticky but is ideal for a youthful, summer look. Whether pairing it with simple eyes and bold brows, or to balance out a stronger eye, I've been reaching for this one constantly!

New verdict: Buy

Does this review redo convince you to give any of these a try?
Also, tomorrow is Canada Day so happy long weekend and see you all Monday!

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