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How many brushes does one need? Well, if you watch Youtube or read blogs, then you'll know the answer: a lot. There are definitely a few absolutely essential types of brushes one needs for basic makeup needs (if you can't tell, I'm not a finger person and I never use the included sponge brushes!!), but I think for most people that could equate to 2-3 brushes tops. However, once you get curious about being more precise with your makeup, or you want to try more creative looks, then it quickly becomes obvious that you're going to outgrow those 2-3 brushes.

That's why I was so happy when Nail Polish Canada offered to let me try out one of their new Sigma Beauty brushes. If you've never heard of NPC, then you definitely need to check them out. They've been around for years and are a great destination for purchasing makeup and beauty products, as well as a variety of tools. Just in the last few months, NPC has expanded their store to now sell Sigma Beauty brushes, which are super popular online for their affordability and quality. While I wouldn't say these are cheap or similar price-wise to a drugstore brand like E.L.F or Real Techniques, they're certainly nowhere near as expensive as some brush brands can be. I'd say Sigma brushes are priced similarly to MAC and are known to perform quite comparably. I'd never seen them in stores here in Canada, so this was so exciting to get to finally try one!

sigma e30s pencil brush review

After much debate and internal turmoil, I finally settled on the Sigma Beauty E30S Pencil Brush. NPC has so many Sigma brushes available, but the E30S sounded quite unique to have. It's a small, very tapered and dense brush made up of firm synthetic fibers. The E30S is actually the smaller version of the more popular E30 version, which I think must be huge as the E30S seemed full-size to me!

The handle is nice and light and can easily be manipulated with the fingers. On Sigma's site it looks like you choose between two ferrule options: chrome or rose gold, but NPC only sells the silver for now.

The E30S is designed to precisely place color along your upper or lower lashlines and in the inner corners. You can use this brush to line your eyes, to smudge your liner and to apply highlight anywhere. The E30S is a nice-to-have brush in a collection, but that doesn't lessen how handy I've found it to use.

sigma e30s pencil brush review

The E30S can be used with cream and powder products and the tip is really just the perfect size for my lid. Too often when I'm lining my under eye with shadow, my brushes are too wide and I end up looking like a sad raccoon as opposed to smoky and alluring. With the E30S, this problem is totally eliminated! It's smaller tip is also the perfect size for lining my upper lashline with a sparkly highlight, in order to add that coveted hint of glow to really make my eyes pop. I've been using it just this exact way lately everyday with the silver shade in my MAC Otherearthly Mineralize Skinfinish powder and I LOVE how it just distributes the silvery glitter so evenly and without any fallout.

You can purchase the Sigma E30S Pencil Brush for $19.60 off of Nail Polish Canada.

Final Verdict
Buy - this brush is a great addition to any makeup lover's brush collection as it works perfectly to do precise placements of powder and cream colors.

* This post contains PR samples

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