Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette in Fair/Light Review + Swatches + Look

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette in Fair/Light Review

New for summer 2016, the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palettes are one of the most exciting launches to come out of Stila in awhile. Clad in Stila's sleek new gold packaging, the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palettes are one of the first I've come across that are coordinated not on eye color, but on skin hue, to *ahem* perfectly match one's natural features.

The Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palettes come in four unique renditions: Fair/Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Tan and Tan/Deep. Each palette contains five beautiful eye shadow colors alongside two coordinating blushes.

I was fortunate to receive one of the new palettes to try and after a few weeks of use, I'm now ready to report back on my thoughts!

Price & Packaging
Each Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette retails for $39, which is a fairly standard price for a mid-range palette. I absolutely adore Stila's new packaging. Gold just always makes things feel a little fancier and the sleekness of this palette, which doesn't contain any unnecessary brushes, feels very modern and is of course, very travel-friendly! The palette also comes with a big interior mirror, which is always a nice touch, and is made of a sturdy plastic that clicks satisfyingly when closed.

stila perfect me perfect hue palette review

Pigmentation & Wear
The shades included in the Fair/Light palette consist of:
  • Alluring, a matte blush pink base shade
  • Breathtaking, a matte bone white highlight shade
  • Dynamic, a matte taupe with slight pink undertones transition and lid shade
  • Passionate, a shimmery champagne gold
  • Glamourous, a matte chocolate brown outer corner and liner shade
  • Romantic, a slightly blue-toned blush pink blush
  • Playful, a warm petal pink blush
stila perfect me perfect hue fair/light swatches
Lefto right: Alluring, Breathtaking, Passionate, Dynamic, Glamourous, Romantic, Playful

Since this palette is meant for the fairest of the fair, I was pretty skeptical that it would have any impact on my more medium skin and I was somewhat right. 

Each shade has decent pigmentation, but because of my skin color, I had to layer it on way heavier for it to show. For me, this is a very no-brainer, beginner set of colors as it's pretty hard to overdo it and my skin takes to these types of warm pinks and browns very well. The colors in the Fair/Light palette are like a paler version of my favourite Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and it's super easy to use this palette to create the soft, feminine eye looks that I favor wearing for everyday looks. 

With the exception of Glamourous, none of these shadows really show up on my skin. Alluring and Breathtaking, for instance, are basically non-existent and while Passionate looks amazing in the swatch, it applies really sheer on my eyes unless using a damp or dense shadow brush. Dynamic applies very neutral on me and is more of a base shade for me. Although the shadows were duds for my skin color, I think for someone with say, NC15 or lighter skin, these would show up a lot more.

In terms of wear time, the eye shadows wore well without primer over the course of the day, but I like using primer with these just to get more color payoff. 

Surprisingly, I think the blush shades were more pigmented than the eye shadows as it took only a light hand to get an instant burst of color. Romantic is a bit too pale for my summer skin and maybe even my winter skin, but Playful is a fun, girly blush to wear. I've been blending the two together for a really pretty wash of color. Both blushes are totally matte, but don't give me that ugly powdery finish and the wear time is one of the best I've ever seen. Seriously, these blushes stick and don't quit. Normally by the end of a 9 hour workday, my blush has faded away, but these continued to look almost freshly applied. Needless to say, I am very impressed with these blushes!

Sadly, my biggest complaint with all the shades in this palette is their major major fallout. I don't know if this occurs across all the shades, but every pan in my palette is all messy now because each shade just kicks up so much powder that little crumbs of color are now everywhere. I always tap my brushes before applying and these shadows literally kicked off a huge CLOUD of color that piled up in my sink. Passionate, being a shimmer, is especially guilty of this, but Alluring is a close second. Buyer beware because if you aren't careful, you will likely end up with powder all over your face. Even the blushes had a lot of fallout, which is something I've never experienced with blushes before. 

Final Verdict
Ditch - Overall, I think the colors of this palette are excellent for really fair skinned people and Stila did a great job coordinating the shades to create a cohesive, easy-to-wear look. I was also really impressed with the longevity of the blushes; however, the excessive powder that flies off of every color in this palette really turns me off and it makes me skeptical about whether I'd purchase the other shades. 

Now for the makeup look! Here I thought I'd go basic and follow Stila's recommended guide on how to wear this palette. I think this look would be perfect for a daytime date, tea time with the girls, or to a wedding! Let me know what you think of this look, or your own experience with these palettes if you've tried them, in the comments!

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette in Fair/Light Review

makeup look with the Stila perfect me, perfect hue eye and cheek palette

* This post contains PR samples

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