CND Cuticle Eraser and CND SolarOil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner Review | Getting a start on my nail game with the #CNDRescueKit


Although I am pretty meticulous when it comes to my skincare, I am pretty damn lazy when it comes to my hands. Outside of moisturizing, I don't do squat with my nails and as a result they're definitely lacking some, er grace, so when I was contacted to try the #CNDRescueKit, I said hell yes.

Consisting of a capsule collection of CND's must-have essentials, the #CNDRescueKit contains

  • VinylLux Weekly Polish, a polish claiming seven day, no-chip wear
  • VinylLux Weekly Top Coat, a long-wear top coat
  • Scrubfresh, a dehydrator for your nail bed, which helps polish adhere better (not sure about this one. It just seems odd to me to dehydrate any part of my precious body!)
  • Cuticle Eraser, a chemical exfoliant for your nail beds
  • SolarOil, a moisturizing cuticle oil
  • RescurerXx, a potent nail treatment that helps repair damaged and peeling nails
Out of all of the above, the Cuticle Eraser and SolarOil appealed to me the most as I'm pretty self-conscious about my cuticles. Did I mention that I rarely do anything with my hands? Well I have pretty gnarly cuticles that are long, tough and very thick. I usually take care of things by ripping my cuticles off, which as I'm sure you can guess, does not have good results!

For four long weeks, I decided to put the Cuticle Eraser and SolarOil to the test and see if it could tackle my horrible hands. 

The Cuticle Eraser contains glycolic acid and other alpha hydroxy acids to gradually and gently slough away dead cuticle skin. The most noticeable thing about this lotion is its pungent scent, which is super sharp and chemical smelling. Every night before bed, I applied tiny dabs of the Cuticle Eraser to each of my fingers, massaging the product in until it was absorbed. I experienced no irritation or tingling from the Cuticle Eraser and after just a couple of weeks, I started to notice results! My cuticles weren't as thick, or as long as before and also seemed easier to push back. 

Unfortunately, if used solo, the Cuticle Eraser is a little drying, so I think it's key to pair this one with the SolarOil. Now, I love this cuticle oil! The CND SolarOil contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil and vitamin E, all of which are powerful moisturizers and smell just heavenly mixed together! I love anything almond scented and the SolarOil smells super almondy and yummy. For those sensitive to fragrance (and sadly for me) the scent does fade once you massage this into your nail beds. The SolarOil comes with a standard nail polish brush which makes for easy application and the oil also helps moisturize your nails themselves too, giving them a nice sheen. After using this oil, my nails and cuticles look noticeably hydrated and I've experienced way less hangnails. The only downside is that you can only keep these results with regular, daily use. If I skip a day or two, my dry cuticles return very quickly. 

With both products being less than $15, these two are very affordable and have certainly helped improve the look and healthiness of my hands!

Final Verdict

* This post contains PR samples

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