Rocia Gardener's Glove Hand Therapy Review| Banish dry hands forever!

rocia gardener's glove hand cream

Whether you work in an office, or you work as a farmer, everyone's hands go through a lot. Harsh cleaners and dry air can wreak havoc on your skin, especially as you get older. I don't moisturize my hands nearly often enough during the day, so I always try to make sure that I deeply moisturize them at night.

Recently my go-to nightly hand treatment has been Rocia's Gardener's Glove Hand Therapy cream. This rich cream is made of all natural ingredients and contains multiple botanicals and antioxidants to replenish your skin's suppleness and youthful appearance. Like all Rocia products, Gardener's Glove is handmade in small batches out of Rocia's factory in Brighton, Ontario and is of course cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and contains no parabens, artificial fragrances, preservatives and petrochemicals.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this cream are:
  • Water
  • Cetearly glucoside - a coconut derived emulsifier. Rocia's is EcoCert certified.
  • Organic sesame seed oil - an emollient and anti-inflammatory
  • Organic Bulgarian rose otto hydrosol - an antioxidant and humectant (draws moisture to skin)
  • Spruce knot extract - an antioxidant with antibacterial and moisturizing properties
Like all Rocia products, I was really impressed by how this cream is just chock full of good antioxidants and moisturizers - there's no filler here! You can check out the full ingredients list here.

Price & Packaging
For $20, you can get a 30 g jar, which isn't too bad if you are judicious about how you use this. I'd love to see Rocia come out with a 50 g version as 30 is just a little too small considering you have to pay for shipping each time you purchase. 

The packaging is very homespun and is just a simple plastic jar. I don't mind the simple packaging as you're paying for the handmade aspect and the awesome ingredients, but in future it would be nice if Rocia invested in a pump so that the antioxidants don't dissipate.

Rocia gardener's glove review

Since the Gardener's Glove cream is supposedly so rich, I thought I'd try this on my feet as well since those always get really dry after wearing sandals everyday. After about a month of daily use, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my results!

The Gardener's Glove has a thick, rich consistency and takes a minute or two to absorb. It also has a slightly odd smell; I can't place what it is exactly, but it smells basically like there's no fragrance in this product, which is true! The smell isn't offensive, but just... unfamiliar to anyone used to heavily fragranced things.

I love how this cream just envelops my skin in moisture. I love heavy creams so that sticky, kinda glossy finish really appeals to me and makes me feel like something is working! Since I only use this at night, I haven't noticed any big transformation with my hands. Probably moisturizing my hands more during the day would make a bigger difference; however I have noticed a change with my feet! After using Gardener's Glove regularly out of the shower, my feet feel softer and my calluses are much reduced.

Final Verdict
Buy - a fair price with top-notch ingredients, this cream is a treat for dry, dehydrated skin.

* This post contains PR samples

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