Take Your Look From Day to Night with The Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformers!

Estee Edit lip flip shade transformer review

My favourite part about playing with makeup is stretching myself out of my comfort zone and trying new techniques, new colors and products. Makeup is all about having fun and not taking oneself too seriously so it's always special when brands give you something that is playful and unique.

Estee Lauder isn't one of those brands I associate with "fun" but lately they've been making some attempts to loosen up a bit with their new Estee Edit line. Geared towards "the youths," the Estee Edit line is a more colorful, experimental version of Estee Lauder with trendy packaging to boot, but the same attention to quality and experience as the original.

The most exciting Estee Edit release to me was for sure the Lip Flip Shade Transformers. As you know, I love playing with mixing my lipsticks up with each other, so these innovative shade transformers are right up my alley as they allow you to mutate any lipstick into something totally different.

The Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformers come in two colors: Turn Up, which is a bright yellow to lighten and brighten, and Turn Down, an inky black to vamp out.

To use these transformers, simply mix it into your chosen lipstick color on your hand and then apply to lips, or dab on top of your lip color to create more of an ombre and "undone" look. You can even wear these solo for a super dramatic look!

You barely need more than a couple of dabs of either Turn Up or Turn Down to have an immediate effect. I found that the Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformers worked best with creamier, opaque lipsticks. Anything glossy or sheer just tended to melt away as the Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformers are themselves very opaque and matte.

Turn Up works beautifully to instantly up the vibrancy and warmth of your color. Some combos I tried were:
  • cherry orange --> creamsicle
  • red --> orange-red
  • pink --> baby pink
Estee Edit lip flip shade transformer review

Turn Down is, if you can believe it, even more impactful than Turn Up. While I can get away with applying Turn Up directly to my lips and smooshing it around, Turn Down I can only judiciously dab to the center of my lips and then smooth out as it's super duper pigmented. Some combos I tried with Turn Down were:
  • red --> blood red
  • cherry orange --> brick red
If you're thinking that these might be too extreme or complicated for regular use, then I beg to differ! The Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformers are a great option to easily transition your look from day to night in just one step. I thought I'd demonstrate how simple this is with a makeup look centered around the Lip Flips.

For this look I wanted something subtle and neutral that I can wear anywhere. To achieve this, I used:
  • Stila Stay All Day Foundation in Light to create a long-wearing base
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige to prime lids
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics 1: W.O.S and Venus to highlight eyes, Faint and Crave to line and shade lid
  • Make Up Forever Graphic Ink Liner to give eyes definition
  • Marcelle Perfect Brow Gel in Medium to Dark Brown to keep brows in place and fill them in
  • Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
  • Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo to bronze
  • MAC Otherearthly Mineralize Skinfinish all over cheeks to highlight and give warmth
And for the lip color, I chose the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sorbet, a creamy pigmented magenta pink, which you can see here:

Estee Edit lip flip shade transformer review and FOTD

And here's how it looks mixed in with Turn Up. I love how Turn Up transforms Sorbet into a sheerer MLBB:

Estee Edit lip flip shade transformer - turn up

And for going out at night, here's the same look, but with Turn Down. Check out that instant bad-assery!

Estee Edit lip flip shade transformer - turn down

Overall I found the Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformers easy to work with and super fun. At $26 it's a bit steep, but a worthy purchase if you don't have a lot of lipsticks and you want to get basically triple the number of shades. It's also worth it if you're a makeup lover like myself and you want to treat yourself to something special!

Final Verdict

Would you use a lip transformer like these?

*This post features PR samples

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