Jergens BB Perfecting Hand Cream Review | Finally, an affordable hand cream with SPF!

Jergens BB Perfecting Hand Cream Review

You can spend all you want on fancy face creams, but it's easy to forget one sure-fire way to giveaway your age: your hands.

Hands are exposed to the elements everyday and they undergo more wear and tear than most parts of your body and over the years that begins to show. I've been really paranoid about having wrinkly spotty hands when I'm old, so I've been on the hunt for a long while for a hand cream with a decent level of SPF and moisture factor. Today I'm very happy to report that I have found it!

The Jergens BB Perfecting Hand Cream dropped in my mailbox awhile ago and I've been trying this out over the summer. This cream is kind of amazing; not only does it claim to moisturize, it also protects from the sun with SPF 20 and over time it works to reduce hyper-pigmentation and produce more even, youthful skin. If only I could slather this on my face!

Thankfully, I don't have any dark spots or age spots yet on my hands, so I can't really verify if that aspect of this cream works, but Jergens claims that wearers will start to see results in as little as 2 weeks!

What I can report about this cream is that it feels very lightweight and has a light perfume that fades as the cream absorbs. If you have very dry hands, I'd layer this over a heavier hand cream, but for summer it's enough for me.

The Jergens BB Perfecting Hand Cream is quite slippery, but doesn't have that stickiness that so many products that contain SPF have. It just feels a bit oily and light. This cream keeps my hands feeling soft and comfortable for a few hours, but it never hurts to reapply often to make sure that you get that SPF coverage! I love slathering this on right before I leave the house since I'll be driving and my hands will be exposed on the wheel. No more trying to hide my hands in my sleeves!

I couldn't seem to find pricing or ingredients online, but you can find this cream in London Drugs, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart. Since it's a drugstore item, I'm guessing it's not super expensive either. I know that I'll be repurchasing this again!

Final Verdict

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