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kiss new york top brow pencil

The hype about brows has died down a little bit in recent months, but brows are still a makeup essential that everyone should try to master. Doing my brows is one of those no-fuss steps that I always make time to tackle and it's especially easy when you are using all-in-one products like the Kiss Pro Top Brow Fine Precision Brow Pencil (now is that a mouthful to say or what!).

I only recently discovered Kiss Pro New York makeup after checking them out at this year's #LDBeauty event by London Drugs. There's not too much info on their website either, but what I do know is that they take Asian makeup techniques (particularly that of K-Beauty) and adapt it to Western colors and pigmentation; so think bold, saturated colors, with long-lasting finishes and easy wear.

The Kiss Pro Top Brow Fine Precision Brow Pencil is probably the most subdued of the products I tried out by Kiss Pro, but that doesn't mean it doesn't carry any impact. This super-fine pencil comes with a built-in spoolie, which is basically standard for any brow pencil these days, and comes in six shades. I received the shade Taupe, which is perfect for Asian skin tones who have black-brown hair. My brow hair is slightly darker than the rest of my head, so I like how this shade allows me to either lighten my brows a bit, or go bolder by filling them in heavier.

kiss pro top brow fine precision brow pencil review
Teeny tiny tip!

The tip on this brow pencil is one of the finest I've ever tried and I like how easy it is to use as you simply twist up! Of course, that means you can't sharpen it manually to an sharp point, but the tip is already naturally so small that I don't think it matters.

In terms of texture, this pencil was perfect for filling in the tails of my brows and it's not super hard either, so it's great for filling in gaps as well. I like pairing this with a brow shadow to fill in the major gaps, while reserving this pencil to do the ends and define the shape of my brows.

kiss new york brow pencil
Left: filled in
Right: au naturel

My only complaint is that this pencil retails for $12.99, which is a bit pricey for a drugstore product. If I'm going to splurge on brow products, I'd rather get something fancier like a brow gel which will last me months and months. For what it is, it works, but there's nothing else about this pencil to write home about.

Final Verdict
Ditch - works well and if you're used to paying a lot for brow pencils, then this might be a cheap alternative for you, but personally I'd rather put my money elsewhere.

* This post contains PR samples

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