Lush Haul c/o the new Lush Cosmetics Mobile App!

lush cosmetics shopping haul

A couple months ago, one my favourite natural skincare companies, Lush Cosmetics finally launched their own dedicated mobile app! Available on both iPhone and Android devices, the Lush Cosmetics mobile app lets Lushies shop, browse and share about their favourite Lush products.

I work in the tech industry, so trying out the new Lush app was interesting for me on multiple levels. I found the app to be easy to use and very appealing as Lush makes full use of beautiful imagery and on-brand coloring and fonts to emulate that in-store feel. Too bad there's no way to transmit scent yet through a phone as that would have just topped off this app experience perfectly!

lush mobile app review

You can shop for products by the usual category types, but also by scent and feeling, which is really cool. Product pages include full details about the product, as well as reviews, full ingredients and related products. There's also a section to to read more about Lush's use of various ingredients and company adventures, as well a tips and tricks. Lastly, if you're lucky enough to live near a Lush spa, you can browse what treatments are available; I kinda wish they had put some localization into this section as hardly anyone lives near a Lush spa location and I got overly excited at first thinking I could go to one :(

lush mobile app review

lush mobile app review

Anyhoo, onto what I purchased! After adding a ton of things to my wishlist, I finally pared it down to a few key essentials.

lush go faster feet

Firstly, I've been dying for a good foot cream as my feet have been really getting rough with all the dry heat and sandal wearing. Go Faster Feet is a luxurious, yet lightweight foot cream containing thyme, bergamot and cocoa butter to moisturize and make feet fresh smelling. I wish this was actually heavier, but time till tell if this eventually gives me baby feet!

The second product I was most excited to purchase was the Superbalm scalp treatment. My scalp is like a parched desert and after reading all the rave reviews, I knew I just had to splurge on this one. First of all, it smells amazing - like a mix of something medicinal or minty with coconut oils - and secondly it feels SO GOOD on my scalp. Just a little bit of this gives me instant relief, although it does make your hair oilier and harder to wash.

lush cosmetics shopping haul

Lastly, I never would have thought to get these three items without having tried the app and I'm so excited to see how they work! The Full of Grace serum bar is so unique. It's a solid serum that looks like Lush's massage bars and works very similarly. Originally created for use in the Lush Spa, these serum bars are warmed between hands and then massaged gently into skin. Full of Grace contains muru muru butter, rose petals, almond oil and anti-aging mushroom extracts to soothe and calm skin.

And just to continue the spa/pamper date feeling, is this Tea Tree Toner Tab. This one-time use tab dissolves in hot water to create a gentle steam bath for your face. Tea tree oil is amazing for cleansing pores and reducing irritation. You can even use the leftover water as a toning spray after!

I don't often get into a Lush store, but the new app is a great way to keep myself stocked with skincare goodies. What's on your Lush Cosmetics wishlist?

* This post contains PR samples

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