Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette Review | All hail the contour!

makeup revolution contour palette review

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Beaches, sunglasses, sipping sangrias maybe. Well for me, it also makes me think: GLOW. Although I do love a good glow in winter too, winter glow is more about ice fairy/ethereal/elf-lady-goddessness, but for summer, I'm all about that warm, sun-kissed California surfer glow. Unfortunately I work for a living, so getting that from natural sources is a bit tricky for me. So a girl's gotta fake it to make it, y'kno and this Makeup Revolution contour palette that I've been using lately is my everything to not look super pasty and tired.

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette is a stunning eight pan mix of contour and highlight powders designed to help anyone sculpt and strobe their way to heaven. There are three highlight/brightening shades, alongside three corresponding contours, and two iridescent baked highlighters. As you can see, this means that the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette leans a bit more towards the strobing side than the contouring side, but I think that's actually quite smart as strobing is way more accessible.

Shade Breakdown
Starting from the top, the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette contains:
  • a matte, baby pink highlighter that is a nice pink highlight for the tops of cheekbones
  • a matte, yellow cream highlighter that is ideal for those who like to bake or really highlight under the eyes
  • a slightly shimmery blush pink highlighter that is really great for applying a subtle glow all over
  • a silky shimmery white highlighter that can be used sparingly to give yourself super cut cheekbones or wherever you want maximum glow
  • a warm, matte chocolate brown contour
  • a slightly taupe brown matte contour
  • a medium, slightly warm brown matte contour
  • a peachy golden shimmery highlight
makeup revolution ultra contour palette review

Price & Packaging
The entire palette retails for around $15 depending on your source, which is really great value considering you get eight generously sized pans. The palette comes packaged in sleek black plastic casing with a full sized mirror. Unlike most plastic packaging, this one doesn't actually feel super cheap or flimsy. It has a nice click to it when you close it and although it shows every piece of dust, it doesn't' seem to collect fingerprints excessively.

Each pan is big enough to easily accommodate my usual blush and bronzing brushes, although my Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending brush has a bit of trouble fitting, but it's not a deal breaker.

makeup revolution ultra contour palette swatches
Swatches in indoor light

Pigmentation & Wear
Now onto the juicy details! I surprised myself with how much I love this palette. I've even been reaching for it more often than my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (partly because this one is so cheap, I don't feel bad using it up). 

I love that all the contours are matte and are pure browns. No orange mess here! A contour palette isn't for everyone as you really only need one color to use as a proper contour, but I actually find myself mixing and matching these a little bit. With my skin having a bit of tan, I use the leftmost shade as my starting contour. Each of the contour shades are crazy pigmented, but this one is the most, so dip your brush sparingly. After some very vigorous blending, I then apply another layer using the middle shade to my contour if I want to deepen it and then the middle shade lightly mixed with the warmer tone as a bronzer if I feel I need more definition around the jaw or forehead. 
Despite being a highlighter fan, I haven't been using the matte highlights as much. To me, a matte highlight doesn't make much sense, but I do use the pink shades if I want to tone down my bronzer. All the matte highlights also make great base eye shadows as they are pigmented and easy to blend without any fallout or powdery texture, which isn't something I can't say of all my matte eye shadows!

And now onto my favourite part of this palette - the baked highlighters! I am so in love with these. Each are quite simply beautiful. They are both shiny, but not glittery in any way; they just have a straight up, gorgeous shimmery sheen. The peach one is pigmented, but subtle and I love to load this onto my cheekbones. The white highlight I use more sparingly and for targeted highlighting along the high points of my face.

makeup revolution ultra contour palette swatches
Swatches in outdoor light - SO PRETTY!!

All the shades wear very well throughout the day. After the 6-8 hour mark, you may need to gently touch up a bit. I didn't notice any cakiness with cream products and they all blend very easily.

Lastly, here's a look I put together last weekend wearing just this palette on my face and eyes! For the eyes, I used the matte pink highlight as a base, then applied the shimmery pink highlight all over and the middle contour shade to my crease. Then I applied the white baked highlighter to the center of my lid and the peach-gold baked highlight to the crease and blended it all together.

makeup revolution ultra contour palette makeup look

makeup revolution ultra contour palette makeup look

I love this type of warm, sun-kissed look for summer and thanks to this palette, it only took me a few minutes to do!

Final Verdict
Buy - Affordable, pigmented and with some drop-dead gorgeous highlighters. A must-buy!

* This post contains PR samples

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