Youngblood Minerals in the Mist Facial Spray Review | An instant thirst quencher for your skin

Youngblood Minerals in the Mist Facial Spray

With summer finally heating up again in Vancouver, facial mists have become my go-to for keeping my face refreshed and my makeup set. Whether it's dry AC, hot stuffy car air or just plain hot sun, I've been keeping hydrating sprays within reach to keep myself balanced.

The latest spray I've been using is the new Minerals in the Mist facial sprays by Youngblood Minerals. Known for their high-coverage mineral makeup, Youngblood has now expanded into skincare with this capsule collection of facial sprays.

Designed to be used as a toner, makeup setter or just to hydrate anytime, the Minerals in the Mist sprays come in four refreshing versions that are each filled with a blend of essential oils, minerals and vitamins:
  • Refresh, contains tangerine and grapefruit to awaken skin
  • Restore contains grapefruit, lime and rosemary to rejuvenate and repair dull skin
  • Recharge contains invigorating mint and ginger
  • Relax contains lavender, vanilla, ginger and lotus to calm irritation
As you can see, the first three are pretty similar and differ primarily by scent. I first came across these new sprays at the last #LDBeauty preview and was given Restore to try out. 

The Guts
Restore (as well as Refresh and Recharge) primarily consist of:
  • Water
  • Spearmint leaf oil - an astringent, fragrance and potential irritant
  • Lime oil - has antibacterial properties, but like many citrus essential oils, can cause your skin to be extra sensitive to the sun so avoid applying this right before going outside
  • Peppermint oil - similar properties and effects as spearmint
  • Ginger root oil - a soothing anti-inflammatory, but it could be irritating for sensitive skin
This spray also contains grapefruit peel oil and tangerine peel oil (moisturizing), and a variety of antioxidants (rosemary oil, vitamin E, retinyl palmitate, Smithsonite extract, rhodochrosite, malachite).

Although all of the above sounds great, if you read some ingredient guides, most of these are also kinda harmful! Most of the essential oils here are also listed as potential irritants and the citrus oils in particular aren't so great for use in daytime since they're listed as photo-sensitizers. Sometimes I really wish I would research ingredients before using.

Price & Packaging
Each bottle of the Youngblood Minerals in the Mist sprays is fairly small, around 120 ml and perfectly sized for slipping into your purse. According to Youngblood's website, these retail for $24 and are available at drugstores like London Drugs. The sprays come in your standard aerosol format and have a brushed metal exterior. 

Thankfully my skin didn't experience any sensitivity with this spray, although it does sting if it gets into your eyes. Essential oils are a controversial ingredient to use, but not unexpected from a brand that focuses on natural approaches like Youngblood Minerals. For sure if you are using these in a strong concentration then I think the potential downsides could be more apparent. Since this is a spray, I'm hoping it's diluted and diffused enough that it won't affect sensitive skin, but if you're worried about it, I'd recommend patch testing in store first. 

I prefer using my Restore spray as a toner. Thankfully I've been using this in the mostly, so it hasn't caused my skin to burn in the hot sun. The reason I use this only at night is because this spray is quite wet. I like to give my face 3-4 spritzes and it takes a couple of minutes for my face to "set" enough that I can apply my next product on top. Also since it's so wet, it doesn't really work for me as a makeup setting spray. 

I really enjoy the refreshing hit of hydration the Minerals in the Mist spray provides. It has a light, citrus scent as well that's invigorating, but not overpowering or astringent in any way. I think if you have normal to oily skin, the Restore spray would be a good option since it does contain many astringent and antibacterial ingredients. For dry skin, the Relax spray would probably be better, although again, it contains a healthy amount of lavender oil which could be irritating.

I'm kinda torn on how to decide on a verdict for this spray. On one hand, I didn't experience any adverse effects and I really liked how this spray contains no artificial ingredients. I also loved how refreshed it made my skin feel, but after reading into the ingredients more, I worry about recommending these to anyone. I suppose if you are okay with, and have used essential oil products before, then these are certainly worth a try. For myself, I'm going to do more research!

Final Verdict

*This post contains PR samples

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