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jergens shea beauty oil review

Oils are all the rage for skincare lately and now they are popping up in the body and hair care aisles too. Previously if someone mentioned "body oils" to me, thoughts of edible massage oils and sex shops came to mind, but now I've become quite enamored with using them on a much more run-of-the mill basis.

Recently I was given the chance to try out an affordable option for a luxurious body oil, care of Jergens. Available in most drugstores, I've been a fan of Jergens' lightweight, yet richly hydrating body lotions, so I figured their new-ish Shea Beauty Oil would be worth a try.

Claiming to increase skin's radiance by six times its normal amount, the Jergens Shea Beauty Oil contains shea (duh) and argan oils to deeply moisturize and protect skin from the drying effects of the environment.

The Guts
So what's inside this oil?
  • Paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil) - a common emollient that seals moisture into skin and prevents further moisture loss
  • Isopropyl myristate - another emollient that also has the side-effect of helping oily products feel less greasy. Can clog pores so avoid use on the face or areas prone to breakouts
  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride - another moisturizer
  • Carthamus tinctorius (safflower oil) - another emollient
The aforementioned shea butter and argan oils, round out the end of the ingredients list. 

Price & Packaging
A single 150 ml bottle of the Jergens Shea Beauty Oil costs around $10. The bottle itself is a clear plastic with a simple pump. I really really dislike this dispenser - not because it's a pump, but because of the type of pump they used. Rather than go for a more "beak" like one where the pump sticks out and away from the bottle (like so), the Jergens Shea Beauty Oil opted for a stubby pump more commonly used for face creams. The result is that the oil barely shoots out of the bottle and instead dribbles down the sides. The easiest way to apply this oil then, is to tip the bottle sideways and pump it into your waiting palms, which is awkward and tedious when one has small oily hands! As well, to up the annoying factor, each pump barely dispenses enough product and I have to pump 2-4 times to get enough to cover a single limb.

As I mentioned above, I found the Jergens Shea Beauty Oil really tedious and time-consuming to apply. I love to really slather moisturizers all over my skin after a long, hot shower and the Jergens Shea Beauty Oil is just too much work for me compared to the benefits. I need a good 3 pumps to cover one arm and probably twice that to cover one leg.

The oil itself is quite slippery, but when spread across the skin, it seems to sink in quite rapidly so you end up needing more quite quickly, which is weird. Once applied, my skin does have that nice, soft suppleness that you get after applying a good massage oil, but the effects are sadly short-lived. I was really looking forward to using this oil, but there's nothing special about it. The thing I love about facial oils is that you get all the benefits of plant extracts without the fillers, but with this body oil, it's exactly the opposite. You could even go so far as to say that this is just a lightweight version of Vaseline as it's primarily mineral oil. Yes, it does moisturize, and yes, it doesn't leave you feeling super greasy, but for a more discerning consumer like myself, I found this body oil lacking.

Final Verdict
Ditch - cheap, but you get what you pay for.

* This post features PR samples

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