THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cushion Foundation Review | Finally, a full coverage cushion foundation!

thefaceshop cc intense cushion foundation in pure beige review

One of the more popular Asian trends to translate over to Western beauty shelves lately are CC cushion foundations. Instead of your usual bottle or compact, CC cushions consist of a cushion literally soaked in foundation, which is applied by using a separate sponge to gently press down on the cushion and then onto skin. The idea is to stipple foundation onto your skin, for a more airbrushed, dewy effect. CC cushions are perfect for the type of hot, humid weather that is typical in Asian countries, and lately here as well (although Vancouver got skipped from that!).

Recently, my favourite Asian beauty brand, THEFACESHOP debuted a slew of new CC cushion foundations to tempt Western consumers into jumping in on the CC train. These foundations not only help give flawless coverage, but were also designed to help resolve common skin afflictions as well.
  • If you have oily, shiny skin, then try the Oil Control Water Cushion for a long-wearing, full coverage, mattifying effect
  • If dullness is your concern, the CC Intense Cover Cushion will help with its 25 hour moisturizing and brightening complex and full coverage
  • If you have mature skin, then try the Therapy Anti-aging Cushion, which contains a mix of avocado, palmarosa and sandalwood oils to deeply replenish moisture and provide medium radiance and coverage
  • Lastly if your skin is pretty awesome already (lucky you!) then the CC Ultra Moist Cushion is for you, with its emphasis on dewiness, moisture and light coverage
My only other experience with CC Cushions was with the Pur Minerals Air Perfection compact, which gave me excellent glow, but which was super super light coverage and I was hoping to try something with more oomph for everyday wear, so THEFACESHOP was kind enough to give me the CC Intense Cover Cushion to try. 

The Guts
Since CC products are supposed to correct as well as conceal, THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cushion does contain some skincare benefits, such as rose oil (moisturizing), lavender oil (moisturizing, soothing), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), niacinamide (brightening), vitamin E (anti-aging), sweet almond oil (moisturizing), and borago seed oil (moisturizing). 

The primary ingredients though in this cushion are:
  • Water
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - a silicon that helps give a temporary plumpness and smoothness to skin
  • Titanium dioxide - brightens and provides sun protection
  • Phenyl trimethicone - an emollient that gives a silky texture
  • Triethylhexanoin - a solvent and emollient 

Price & Packaging
A single compact with cushion inside retails for around $29 from THEFACESHOP. Based on what the bottom label of the compact says, this compact contains 0.52 oz, which is about half the amount of a normal foundation which is 30 ml, or about 1 oz. It's pretty normal that cushions contain significantly less product than regular foundations and this can be quite controversial as consumers are left feeling outright conned as the price remains the same. Now if you compare the amount and price of the THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cushion to say, a mid-range foundation which will retail around $50 for 1 oz, then this is a fair valuation; however, if you compare the THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cushion to the similarly priced THEFACESHOP Intensive Glow BB Cream, which is about 3 oz for $25, you can see it's not so good! 

Packaging-wise, THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cushion is a winner. The compact is thick and easy to hold and comes with an interior lid that protects the cushion further from drying out. Simply flip this lid open to get at the cushion. The interior mirror with this compact is also super-handy.

thefaceshop cc cushion review

Pigmentation & Wear
I wasn't sure what to expect with this cushion, seeing as the one I've tried before was super sheer, but boy was I impressed! A single dab with the cushion delivers so much product that I can cover a whole side of my face and the coverage is truly medium-full. Instantly my hyper-pigmentation is greatly reduced and all redness and unevenness is eliminated. The finish of this foundation also has a very luminous quality, so it totally checks off that claim fully.

I was also quite impressed by the fact that despite being luminous, this CC cushion didn't make me shiny at all. You get a truly bright, yet satin finish that when paired with other mattifying products gives my skin the most matte look it's ever had. This effect doesn't last forever, maybe a few hours, but the foundation continues to wear well after that with minimal fading and no oxidation (although to be fair, I rarely ever have that problem with foundations).

My only complaint - the shades. There are four different shades available for the CC Intense Cushion: Dark Beige, Natural Beige, Pure Beige and Apricot Beige. For some reason, I received Dark Beige first to try and it's actually nice to see a truly medium-dark shade, as usually CC/BB products lean way more towards the fair spectrum. Unfortunately Dark Beige was way too dark for my NC25 skin, but if you have maybe NC30+ it might do you better. 

My second attempt at shade matching was to try the Pure Beige, but alas this is more suited for NC15 skin. It actually doesn't look too bad if I apply a light layer and then generous bronzer all over, which is how I've been wearing it, but solo it's quite scary looking so I'll spare you any photos. 

My guess would be that maybe Natural Beige is a closer match to me and as far as I can tell, Apricot Beige is similar to Pure Beige, but with a slightly pinker undertone. 

thefaceshop cc intense cushion foundation in pure beige swatch

I was pretty impressed with this CC cushion. If you like CC cushions, then I think you'll really enjoy this one and the other versions THEFACESHOP has come up with. It gave excellent coverage, was fairly mattifying and also brightening. Despite the coverage, it was really comfortable to wear and felt super light. The only detractors keeping me from really loving this foundation is the price for value as you get less than half of a normal BB cream and it was really difficult to get the right shade if you're not able to test in-store.

Final Verdict

* This post contains PR samples

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