Travel Packing List for Spain Part 1: Skincare

Only eight more days till Mr. Artist and I leave for our Spain trip!! I can't remember if I had mentioned or not on here, but the past couple months I've been slowly researching and planning out our trip to Spain for our honeymoon/first year anniversary. Hard to believe we've been married almost a year already, but I'm thrilled to celebrate it in beautiful Spain.

We are going away for two weeks and four cities in Spain: Barcelona, San Sebastian, Seville and Granada and most of my trip planning has centered on researching attractions, figuring out accommodations, transportation and of course food! Now that things are getting down to the last few days though, it's time to get down to business, namely putting together a packing list.

Normally my toiletries make up the majority of my suitcase as I can't bear to mess up my skincare routine while travelling, but this time I'm really forcing myself to pack light so I can avoid checking luggage. What you see below is literally all I'm planning to bring with me skincare-wise, minus some eye cream and toothpaste:

travel packing skincare essentials

Doesn't look like much right, but the trick here is to use up those samples and trial sized items that I've been storing away for just a time like this!

In more detail, here's what on my skincare packing list:

OGX hair care for travel

These travel sized satchels of shampoo and conditioner are just what I need to keep my hair from getting dried out in the arid plane air and Spanish climate. Each of these has plenty to last me through several washes and is a great chance to try out three different OGX lines for free!

laneige water bank hydration kit

I've been wanting to try the Laneige Water Bank line since forever, so when I saw this six-piece hydration kit set for sale on Sephora, I snatched it right up! This kit contains a moisturizer, sleeping mask, serum, emulsion, toner and exfoliator, and each are well under that pesky 100 ml limit. Depending on how heavy the moisture cream is, I'll use it in combination with the emulsion at night and solo or just the emulsion during the day. I also have a couple other mask samples too that I got from past Sephora purchases.

lush earl grey massage bar

The most annoying part of carry-on luggage is dealing with the liquid restrictions, so I opted for non-liquid formats wherever I could, such as with this Lush Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar. Although meant for massage, this bar can also be used as a body moisturizer with its luxurious notes of organic cocoa butter, shea butter and bergamot oil. I also purchased this cute Lush tin for a couple bucks more, which you can use to store soap, more massage bars or little trinkets!

sephora coconut water makeup removing wipes

Nothing feels better than wiping off the dirt of walking around all day, whether you wear makeup or not and when I travel my absolute necessity is facial wipes. These Sephora Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes are gentle enough to use on eyes and will thoroughly cleanse away makeup and dirt while refreshing with hydrating coconut water. I love anything with coconut water (so long as I'm not drinking it) so these were a no-brainer to bring.

Travel packing tips for skincare:

  • Use up those samples!
  • Purchase travel sized bottles and jars from the dollar store to store your products in
  • Wherever you can, avoid liquid products so you don't have to worry about spills or security limits

Stay tuned for part two on Friday when I'll share my makeup packing list!

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