Travel Packing List for Spain Part 2: Makeup

what to pack for makeup when you travel

If you tuned into the blog Monday, then you saw what was on my packing list skincare-wise for mine and Mr. Artist's upcoming honeymoon/first anniversary trip to Spain. Today I'll be sharing a funner post, which features my packing list for makeup!

Unlike skincare, makeup is even harder for me to narrow down. I usually choose what makeup I'm going to wear based on what I'm wearing and feeling that day and you just never know what you'll feel like in advance! Usually what I end up doing is bringing everything and then wearing none of it as I end up going makeup-free because it's too hot or I'm too lazy. Well not this time! This time I am going to be very selective in what I bring. This is partially motivated as well by the fact that I'm not doing checked luggage, so all my makeup must be able to fit in the Harajuku Girls pouch above.

Here's what I'm packing for my two week trip:

travel makeup packing list - base and face

First and more importantly are base products. If I'm going to be slack with my makeup, at the very least I'll have a decent base. All of these number among my ride-or-die products. The Makeup Revolution palette (reviewed here) can be used for contouring, as eyeshadow and the matte yellow shade makes a nice under-eye setting powder. The Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow foundation (reviewed here) feels so weightless, gives my skin an amazing glow and also has SPF 25, and this Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish is my HG sunscreen with its mattifying texture and use of physical suncreens over chemical.

travel makeup packing list - eyes
Realized later that I'm missing mascara here, but at this time I'm not sure which one to bring yet!

Next is eye products. Since Spain's weather at the end of September/beginning of October is still pretty sunny and warm, my makeup choices here are more reminiscent of spring than fall. Between this Stila The Natural and this Lise Watier Rivage palette (reviewed here), I can do looks from soft and pretty, to sultry, to soft touches of color with that mossy green. As for eye bases, it's all about my OG Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but the Clarins Ombre Waterproof Shimmering Cream Color is a close second lately, as it gives my eyes a nice bronze tint and acts as a great primer.

travel makeup packing list - lipsticks

Lastly is lips. Since I couldn't decide on just a couple, I'm bringing four lipsticks to fit any and all occasions: vampy red for nights out in candlelit tapas bars, brown-rose for everyday wear and smoky eye looks, orchid purple for when I feel like having a fun splash of color, and a girly coral for walking around during the day.

Makeup travel packing tips:

  • Pick products that are multi-use e.g foundations with SPF, or cheek/lip sticks
  • Think about what types of activities you'll be doing on your trip and pick your colors accordingly
  • Opt for eye shadow palettes vs. singles so that you don't have to think of shadow combos

That's my makeup packing list and my last post until I get back - see you all in October!

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