Achieving a Healthy Scalp for Healthy Hair with Elence 2001


Created after 2001 attempts to find the ideal formula to give Asian women healthy hair, Japanese haircare company Elence 2001 was born. Based out of Tokyo, Elence 2001 focuses on repairing and revitalizing hair products that combine science and natural ingredients to help women achieve longer, thicker locks.

The basis of the Elence 2001 approach is the belief that a healthy scalp equates to healthy hair. Using thirty unique plant extracts, Elence 2001 seeks to undo the damage more conventional products wreak on your scalp and aims to gently restore it to its natural state so that new hair can grow more freely.

As someone with lifelong fine hair, I'm all for trying something to give me thicker, lusher locks so I've been trying out the Elence 2001 Twin Scalp EX-2 system ($83.97) the past couple months and am now here to report back to you with my results!

The Elence 2001 Twin Scalp EX-2 system consists of three products:
  • Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Shampoo EX-2 to gently cleanse 
  • Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Hair Pack EX-2 to deeply hydrate and repair
  • Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Essence EX-2 to encourage hair growth

The first step is to use the Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Shampoo EX-2 ($26.94). To use, shake the bottle and massage into damp hair. The Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Shampoo EX-2 has a light floral scent and consists mainly of:
  • Water
  • Sodium laureth sulfate - not to be confused with the maligned sodium lauryl sulfate, this coconut derived cleanser is much gentler and less prone to irritation
  • Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate - a foaming cleanser
  • Ethylhexyl palmitate - an emollient (seals in moisture) and solvent
  • Cocamide dea - a foaming cleanser, that does have some warnings (like an EWG score of 7) but is deemed safe for use in rinse-off cosmetic products
as well a variety of thirty natural extracts such as evening primrose oil (moisturizing), panax ginseng root (improves hair condition) and mallow extract (moisturizing).

I found this shampoo to be super watery, so I usually need a couple handfuls to cover my head thoroughly. It's also a low-foaming shampoo, so if you're used to a ton of soap bubbles then it will take some getting used to. I found this shampoo to be gently cleansing and sufficient for my needs as I wash my hair every couple of days. If you regularly use a lot of hair products, I'm not sure whether this will be strong enough for you and you may need to do a repeat wash.

After the shampoo, the second step is to generously apply a layer of the Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Hair Pack EX-2 ($32.19) to the scalp and tresses for at least five minutes. This hair mask is designed to hydrate and stimulate your scalp to generate new growth and volume. The Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Hair Pack EX-2 contains primarily:
  • Water
  • Cetyl alcohol - thickens products and acts as an emollient
  • Glycerin - a humectant (draws in moisture)
  • Ethylhexyl palmitate
  • Cetearyl alcohol - an emulsifier
This hair mask also contains a similar mix of plants extracts as in the shampoo. I really love using this mask to hydrate my perpetually parched scalp. Although this conditioning mask is very hydrating, it doesn't feel heavy at all and rinses away cleanly so you don't need to worry about buildup. My hair feels softer and more nourished without being weighed down, and my scalp feels comfortable, although after a couple days it starts to itch again.


Lastly, after cleansing and conditioning, the final step in the EX-2 system is the Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Essence EX-2. This spray on essence can be used to increase volume and encourage growth. Simply shake and then spray on to problem areas. The Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Essence EX-2 contains:
  • Water
  • Denatured alcohol - likely to help ingredients penetrate more easily, but could be potentially drying
  • Glycerin
  • Butylene glycol - moisturizing and is a solvent
  • Laureth-9 - an emulsifier and also helps reduce irritation
as well as twenty-four different natural extracts, such as swertia japonica extract (moisturizing), tussilago farara leaf extract (moisturizing), achillea millefolium (anti-dandruff) and celery extract (moisturizing). Despite all these cool sounding ingredients, most of them seem to be moisturizers and I didn't see anything overtly designed to help stimulate hair growth. 

As I used all three products together, it's hard to judge their effects separately so I'll give my opinions based on the system as a whole. After two months of regular use, I would say that I like these products, but I'm skeptical that they are life-changing or super-effective. During my time using these, I haven't noticed any significant change in terms of my hair's volume, thickness or rate of growth. What I do like about this line is its use of plant extracts, lack of artificial fragrances and how gentle is on my hair. You could definitely use these products safely with colour treated hair and these would be great for damaged hair as well. Besides the EX-2 line for fine hair, Elence 2001 also offers products for thick and curly hair. 

The Elence 2001 products are pricier than the usual drugstore options, but if you're looking for something a bit more high end than I think they're well worth the money. The Elence Premium 2001 Twin Scalp Hair Pack EX-2 in particular gets my thumbs-up as it's a huge tub that will last you a long time. Out of the three, I would skip the essence as I don't think it does much at all. 

Final Verdict
Buy - an interesting alternative to Western hair products, Elence 2001 offers gentle yet effective products that would work well for all hair types.

To shop Elence 2001 products, head to their website.

* This post features PR samples

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