My Burberry Black vs. My Burberry Review

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Earlier this year, Burberry released a bold new addition to their popular line of My Burberry fragrances. Called My Burberry Black, this new eau de parfum is like the sexier, older version of My Burberry (MB). In this new version, My Burberry Black (MBB) takes the sweet, lush inspiration of the original and layers over it with warm, sensual notes for an added level of spice and allure.

I was thrilled to receive a new full size bottle My Burberry Black and today I'm sharing my thoughts on how it compares to the original.

Both fragrances are inspired by someone wearing the iconic Burberry trench in an English garden after a rain shower. You could think of the main difference being that the MB is a garden fresh in the morning, alight with dew and raindrops, while MBB is that same garden cloaked in the embrace of moonlight, where the shadows taunt you with mystery and desire.

Design-wise, the two are meant to be very similar, except that MBB uses darker tones, such as a black ribbon instead of the taupe/khaki one used in the original. I would say even the color of the MBB is a more golden-amber color. Both use the same font in their labeling. I received mine as a personalized edition with my initials, which is very cool!

Both fragrances come in the same sizes and price, according to Sephora: a 1.6 oz for $102 and a 3 oz for $138. Pictured here is the 3 oz.

As noted in the my original review, the MB contains sweet pea, lemon flower, peony, rose and musk, whereas the MBB contains:

Top notes:
  • Jasmine
Mid notes:
  • Rose
  • Peach
Base notes:
  • Patchouli
  • Amber

burberry black perfume for her

My impressions
While many tout the MB as a fresh, floral scent, I found it too overpowering and heavy for my taste. My nose picked up mainly on MB's floral notes and didn't detect any of the aforementioned freshness. While I don't mind florals, I really dislike musky floral ones maybe as the musk or something strong came out quite immensely on my skin.

Unfortunately, the MBB wore similarly on me. I'm thinking maybe it's my skin as I really really liked this one sprayed on a fragrance swatch. My first impression of the MBB before wearing it, was that this one actually smelled lusher and lighter to me than the MB. My nose picked up on the jasmine and amber the most in this one, although the patchouli does come out after a few moments to add some spicy sexiness. The peach here is probably the saving grace of this one for me as it adds some much-needed sweetness to an otherwise heavy, overly sexed up fragrance. 

When I sprayed this on though, I fell out of love with it. Like the MB, the MBB is SUPER fragrant. One spray on my arm made me feel like I was drowning myself and everyone else around me. I wore this while riding to work in a crowded, stuffy bus and felt like gagging and had to immediately wash myself off when I got to my office. My skin just seems to pull out ALL the base notes and it drowns out the sweetness. MBB fared better for me if I sprayed a couple times in the air and then twirled my way through it.

I'm torn on whether to keep this as the bottle is so beautiful and I love how its personalized, but I cannot see myself reaching for its contents ever. Alas, will a Burberry perfume ever find its way into my heart?

* Please note that unlike my other reviews, I will not put a Final Verdict on this product. Fragrances are highly personal, more so than other beauty products, and therefore definitely take these thoughts as reflecting my own experience only. Always try out samples of perfumes before purchasing as different scents will wear differently on each person.

This post contains PR samples.

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