Arwen Glow Thanks to Guerlain Meteorites Carousel Pearls | Weekend "No Makeup" Makeup Look

guerlain meteorites pearls carousel

My best friends and I have a saying when we talk about the holy grail level of glow that we all strive for: Arwen glow. If you're not familiar with Liv Tyler's depiction of the elf Arwen from the Lord of the Rings movies, then here's a reminder:

Isn't it just gorgeous? That type of lit-from-within etherealness is so hard to achieve in real life, when you don't have a lighting crew and photo filters following you around, but thanks to the Guerlain Meteorities Carousel Pearls, it's a little bit easier.

guerlain meteorites pearls carousel review

The Guerlain Meteorites Carousel Pearls ($75) were released earlier this year and like all the Meteorites, feature a mix of variously sized pigmented pearls to illuminate, soften and enhance the natural radiance of your skin:
  • Sunny yellow to increase warmth
  • Soft mauve to illuminate
  • Fuschia to bring freshness to skin
  • Pearlescent white to add softness
While most Meteorites are meant to be used as a finishing powder all over the face, I would actually recommend using this one as natural highlighting blush. The fuschia pearls are quite large and pigmented, which makes this one much more pigmented than normal. The finish though, like all Meteorites is totally unreal. My skin immediately looks like it was put through a soft filter. It gives me such an incredible youthful flush, and softens the looks of pores, lines and uneveness. These pearls are truly magic stuff!

guerlain meteorites carousel review

Though Guerlain does sell a special brush for these, I've just been using a duo-fibre powder brush to lightly sweep this across my cheekbones and temples. I think anything denser would just make this already pigmented product even more so and it would be easy to overdo.

guerlain meteorites carousel review

To really accent the ethereal flush the Guerlain Meteorities Carousel Pearls gives my skin, I created this minimal makeup look. Since I'm finally getting close to my winter paleness, I patted THEFACESHOP's CC Intense Cushion Foundation in Pure Beige all over, over top of the Dermalogica Sheer Tint in Light (review coming soon!) and wow, oh wow, does thus combination give me that coveted fair, flawless, dewy skin I've been craving for! 

Weekend makeup look with Guerlain

To highlight the eyes, I'm wearing a light rose-mauve shadow, Linen from Stila's The Natural palette, paired with mascara and filled in brows. With a minimal makeup look like this, it's all about skin and brows for me, so I filled my brows in a little darker than normal. Last, but not least, I topped this off with some tinted lip balm to play up the natural flush of my lips. 

guerlain meteorites pearls carousel review

I'm really in love with this look and am tempted to wear this all the time! As you can tell, it's quite similar to the all-over peach look I featured previously, so I guess it's offical: peach and pink are my thing this season! 

If you aren't trying out pink shadows in your daily routine, then what are you waiting for!

Life Lately: I've been obsessed with listening over and over to the Amelie soundtrack on Spotify, particularly the piano rendition of Comptine d'un autre été. Literally on repeat constantly. This quirky French film is such a classic and I never fail to enjoy watching it. Maybe because part of me identifies with its introverted protagonist with a vivid internal world? Nahhh :)

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