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Mascara is one of those things that are absolutely essential, but damn is it tricky to find the right one! Everyone has their own requirements for mascara, but my personal mascara criteria are that it:
  • must not clump
  • not weigh down my lashes
  • maintain a curl
  • not be super wet or melt off my eyelashes to give me raccoon eyes
  • not dry out my lashes
  • give volume
  • give length
  • define and separate
  • not flake since I wear contacts
  • be affordable (I'm willing to go as high as $50 for a good mascara, which is already crazy)
This all seems reasonable right? Is it too much to ask? Well apparently it is, particularly if you have high-maintenance Asian eyelashes which seem to droop at the slightest provocation. At least mine are decently long, but finding a mascara that will give them lift, volume, length and not melt off my oily eyelids by the end of the day is a constant struggle. 

clinique flutter to full mascara

I'd never tried a Clinique mascara as far as I can recall, but I had high hopes seeing as how Clinique usually fares well for me in the skincare and makeup department. At $28, the new Clinique Flutter-to-Full Mascara is a mid-range product; not as pricey as my favourite Lancome mascaras, but definitely a big jump for anyone who only does drugstore mascara. 

The Clinique Flutter-to-Full Mascara though does a great job at standing out from the crowd. It has a unique mechanism that allows you to adjust the amount of mascara applied to your eyelashes on the fly, thanks to a handy twisting nozzle. There are 3 levels ranging from natural, to full, to maximum flutter and each level equates to more product being applied to the wand. The wand itself seems your usual standard set of bristles. 

Unfortunately for all its potential, this mascara fell flat for me. For one thing, why would anyone not ever want maximum volume :) I did try each level and while I did notice a very slight difference in volume between the lowest and highest level, it was only perceivable because I was testing it out and therefore watching for any differences. To the lay person, each level of the Clinique Flutter-to-Full Mascara is indistinguishable. 

clinique flutter to full mascara review
Wearing the Clinique Flutter-to-Full mascara at the max level

At the maximum level, I would call this a very natural mascara look. My lashes are slightly volumized and defined compared to their natural state. What is good is that they hold this look all day without flaking or smudging. What is bad however is that this mascara takes a lot of effort to wash off. I'd recommend using a cleansing oil so you can really scrub at your lashes as this mascara comes off in weird, big flakes similar to a fibre mascara. Using a regular makeup remover might be too harsh on the eyes and you'll end up using a lot of cotton pads. 

Needless to say, I wasn't that impressed with the Clinique Flutter-to-Full Mascara. For $28 I could get very similar, or better, results for much cheaper. Maybe this would work well on someone who already has naturally full and curled lashes, but for someone like me who is craving dramatic fullness, this just fell flat.

Final Verdict
Ditch - I really liked the fun, customizable aspect of this mascara and the fact that it stays put all day, but I found it difficult to remove and it didn't give me the volume I desired.

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*This post contains PR samples

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