Less is More Thanks to Happiness Boutique Jewelry

As I've gotten older, my style has evolved into a collection of basics. I'm a big fan of normcore and I have an eternal love for cozy separates mixed with vintage throwbacks. With such a simple style it becomes necessary to liven things up a bit sometimes with accessories.

Travel back a few years to the beginning of this blog and you can see I definitely favoured the chunky, more-is-more trend of the early 2010's. Think chunky men's style watches, bracelet stacking and statement necklaces galore!

These days though, I've reined in my accessories a ton. Now I barely wear any jewelry daily, if at all, after I went through a big purge a couple years ago. Since then I've tried to be more judicious about what pieces I purchase.

happiness boutique rose gold necklace
Three Circles Necklace from Happiness Boutique

Enter in European online jewelry retailer, Happiness Boutique. This awesome site sells all sorts of jewelry and ships worldwide, FOR FREE! Plus, all their jewelry is tested for quality and to ensure it's free of harmful substances like lead and cadmium. After watching an investigative newstory on cheap jewelry awhile back, I've been very wary about buying costume jewelry. Even big mall brands were found to contain dangerous levels of cadmium since they were made in cheap factories in China. Cadmium and other toxic metals are highly dangerous if ingested, even if it's teeny tiny flakes. Every Happiness Boutique piece has been tested by independent tester, Société Generale de Surveillance in Switzerland, so you know it's safe.

happiness boutique jewelry review
Three Circles Necklace from Happiness Boutique

Whether your style is minimalist, or maximist, classic or trendy, there's something for you. I immediately fell in love with this super cute gold Three Circles Necklace. Made of rose gold plated titanium, the Three Circles Necklace is just the sort of everyday accent that pairs with anything in my wardrobe. It doesn't call too much attention to itself, but it easily gives any outfit a visual lift.

The chain is a bit shorter so you can wear this solo or layered. I received my necklace inside of a couple of weeks and it was packaged beautifully. I'm pretty impressed with Happiness Boutique so far and am already looking at other items to add to my collection, like this simple Easy Victory Necklace in silver, or this Classy Rose Gold Clasp Bangle, because I am all about that rose gold life! I'm also super lusting over these Simplicity Pearl Earrings, but sadly my ears aren't pierced!

three circles rose gold necklace happiness boutique

What is your jewelry style?

Update: Get 10% off all jewelry at Happiness Boutique until Dec. 23, 2016! Just enter "justmizzj" at checkout (for purchases of at least 19 Euros).

Life Lately: I can't believe it's already November! I've been obsessed lately with playing the new Civilizations 6 game. It's so good!! I've been trying to win by religion but I can't seem to make apostles fast enough. Any fellow Civ junkies have any tips?

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