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maison jacynthe makeup

I've been paying attention to what ingredients go into my skincare and trying to favour those containing more natural ingredients for awhile now, but to my own detriment I've never paid much mind to what goes into my makeup. A foundation or eyeshadow stays on one's face just as long as a cream does, and god knows how much lipstick I've ingested over the years, so it makes sense to have more awareness of what's inside what I put on my face.

I've reviewed Maison Jacynthe's skincare before, but since then the brand has re-branded to its new name and spiffy new English site, which makes purchasing from them WAY easier. Started in Quebec by actress Jacynthe Rene, Maison Jacynthe is all about a healthy, holistic lifestyle where the mind is firmly in touch with the body. Not only does the Maison Jacynthe site sell home, skincare and makeup products, it also provides health and wellness information through its online magazine, J Magazine. 

This past summer, the brand launched its first makeup collection, consisting of base, eye and lip products and all made with 100% natural ingredients. Most of the collection is made up of very tasteful, classic shades, with my eye of course caught by the beautiful eye shadows, but since I needed shadow like another hole in my head, I opted for a concealer instead.

maison jacynthe concealer review

The Maison Jacynthe natural concealer in shade 01 is the lightest of the three concealer shades offered. The other shade, 02 is much warmer and a medium-beige, while shade 03 is actually green and designed for counteracting redness. Since I was looking for something to counteract my dark circles, I opted for 01.

Containing coffee extracts to perk up bags and shea butter to moisturize, this concealer comes packaged in a beautiful brushed metal tube with a wooden lid. Besides the aforementioned coffee bean and shea, this concealer is also made up of:
  • Squalane - an emollient moisturizer
  • Olive oil - an emollient
  • Titanium oxide - acts as a sunscreen
  • Carnauba wax - gives this concealer its waxy texture and prevents cakiness
and also contains Apricot extract (moisturizing), sweet almond oil (moisturizing) and tocopherol a.k.a vitamin E (antioxidant).

maison jacynthe concealer shade 01 swatch

I'm usually not a fan of stick foundations or concealers, but I'm quite impressed with this one! The concealer warms up readily and spreads easily. It doesn't tug on my delicate eye skin, which was my biggest fear and oh wow, is it pigmented! A couple strokes is all I need to significantly brighten up my eye area. Once I blend it with my mini buffing brush, then it looks more natural, but still noticeably brightened. 

Use of a setting powder didn't seem to affect longevity and I don't think this one really needs it anyways as it's pretty sticky, so it shouldn't stray. Despite its initial thickness, it doesn't feel heavy at all and it hardly caked or settled into my fine lines, which for me is saying something! 

At $33, this concealer isn't cheap, but I'd say it's definitely worth it and I would probably repurchase this.

wearing maison jacythne concealer 01
Wearing the concealer on the right side

Final Verdict

Life Lately: I've been getting back practicing my ukulele! I slacked off uke for awhile in summer as I was just too busy with planning our Spain trip and work was draining me. Now that I'm in a new job and much happier, I feel more inclined to be creative! It feels good to be playing music again, but does anyone know where one can find ukulele sheet music?

*This post contains PR samples

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