A Book Devoured: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Although touted as more "intellectual" than TV, books can be downright guilty pleasures just as much as any reality show and now that you can read your books on your phone or tablet, it's become even easier to read without worrying about an embarassing book cover giving you away!

Now, the Outlander novel series by Diana Gabaldon is far from being a tawdry romance novel, but it's no Charles Dickens either. After all, it's got brawny men in kilts, sex scenes happening everywhere (literally) and time travel! This is literary entertainment at its best, but hey there's still some learning too! I now know more about 18th century Scotland than I ever would have before, so that's something right?

Anyways, this series follows the story of WWII combat nurse Clare Randall, who mistakenly travels back in time to the rugged highlands of Scotland in the 1700s. There she meets and falls in love with Jamie Fraser, a man who draws as much trouble as he does sidelong glances at his striking good looks. There's rarely a peaceful moment for these two as they navigate Scottish rebellions, war, countries, oceanic journeys and murderous sadists who look eerily like the protagonist's husband that she left behind in the future!

I've only read up to the third Outlander novel (I believe there's 8 in total) and I'm hooked. The sex scenes are pretty crazy, but there's also lots of other drama that ensues to keep you interested in between the sex. Thankfully Gabaldon does a good job at not trying to be too technical with the time travel and manages to dance safely along the line between good historical drama romp and cheesy book porno.

If you're looking for a fun read over the holidays then pick this one up, or download the show! I'm now considering how to get Mr. Artist to download this for me, although I'm not sure whether it's worth all the eye-rolling and sighing I'm sure to receive!

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